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  1. Thanks. Got tied up with other issues and had no time to get back to this until today. I tried again installing and all worked.
  2. i have not used TMG in a while, being tied up with other things. Here is the sequence of events: Ran version 8. Must have been the first time I've run that version since it asked for all my information. Set it to run demo, and downloaded latest version 8 update. Asked to be pointed to project file. I pointed it to the project files I had copied from the TMG 7 Project folder into the TMG 8 project folder. It failed because it could not find a .ocx file. Today I uninstalled TMG 8 and ran the installer again. It gets to the screen that shows the installation path, but when I click on the Install button, nothing happens. It just sits there. Where can I go from here to get TMG 8 reinstalled? I am running Windows 8 64-bit. Dale
  3. I recently moved to a new notebook running Windows 7 64-bit. When I install TMG7 it insists on putting a complete set of TMG folders in my personal documents folder. I changed the filed locations of all files under preferences to a folder on a different drive, exited, then restarted the program, then exited again. I deleted the unwanted folders in the personal documents folder. But every time I start TMG it persists in recreating those unwanted folders. How do I get it not to create them? Dale
  4. Non-English Characters

    From what I read there will not be a Visual FoxPro 10. I take this to mean that Microsoft has presented a dilemma to users like Wholly Genes, forcing them to rewrite in a supported language or else not have access to unicode and other things that may come along. Does anyone know what plans WG has announced, if any, in this regard?
  5. Non-English Characters

    Thanks. Now that I know to search on Unicode I see the threads. The keywords I searched on before just didn't connect. For me this is a minor frustration, but for a genealogy program it seems like it is a huge hole given that many families would have numerous foreign members which might require this. However if Visual FoxPro doesn't support unicode, I don't know what can be done.
  6. I have a family member born in Târgu Mureş, a city in Romania. I have used the windows character map to copy the character and paste it. I have typed it into Word and then copied and pasted it. Every time it still shows as Târgu Mure? If I read the help file correctly, the copy and paste should work, but it does not seem to. How can I get the correct character into the tag? STLSAILOR
  7. Visual FoxPro Support Library

    Actually, it's hard to say if TMG has been working fine because I've been too busy to use it for awhile. I can't recall if I started it since the last program update or not. Thanks for the precaution of moving the project folder out of tmg. I'll be sure to do that if I eventually have to reinstall. Doing the full install of 6.07 might be an easier way to go. I assume my orginal version 6 code would unlock it. Dale
  8. I tried to start TMG today and I got a message "Could not locate the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Support Library." I don't know why this message would appear, but is there anything I can do short of uninstalling and reinstalling TMG 6?