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Found 7 results

  1. I was just about to do a restore to a temporary restore folder and noticed that I have to choose a folder to restore configuration files and timeline files. Should they also be restored to the temporary folder? I don't recall noticing this before. (IOW, I didn't pay enough attention!). My exhibits are all external, so they're not an issue. Thanks, Judy Madnick Albany, NY
  2. Testing backup

    I haven't tested a backup lately...and have a question: Please remind me what I need to consider if I'm restoring my most recent backup so that I don't lose any settings? Do I simply choose "Restore" and use the Wizard without making any changes? Thanks!
  3. Restore fails

    Before upgrading to Windows 10 and I am testing my application on a different PC already upgraded to Windows 10. I installed from the final 9.05 version and attempted to restore my backup. I tried a backup with just the project/accents/filters and one with those plus some of the other components but not exhibits or program options/preference. Neither worked. The database I am backing up works fine on the exisitng TMG install on the Windows 7 PC. It was optimizied/validated/optimized before backup. The failure is that it says there is no "GENE-N.dbf" --- gene being my project name. In the Projects folder I found only a file named GENE__-Copy.PJC with 5K. When trying to select it I get the message that it isn't a true .pjc file. I then tried to remove and reinstall and got a "project in use" error message. I successfully removed all of TMG by uninstall and manually removing all the project files in documents folder as well as in other locations. It did install but not as new as it did not ask for the serial number. But it appeared to install otherwise as new. I checked the local/temp folder and there were no new temp files created on the date I installed it. Now I stymied about moving to Windows 10. If restore does not work with new install on an existing Windows 10 PC, I would expect the same problem to occur if I had to start from scratch if after the Windows 10 update TMG did not run as expected. Further, it means I can't move my database to another PC in the future. Any ideas? Debra
  4. I've been using TMG for about 15 years. In October I had over 11,000 person entries in my project. After a hardware repair on my computer in October, all of my data on my hard drive was wiped out. I had been backing up my data using MozyHome. I retrieved my TMG data from MozyHome but the .pjc file was missing. Fortunately, I have a 4-year-old hard drive with a functioning copy of my files on it (missing the latest 3000 person entries, though). I installed TMG 9.05 on a spare computer, and used this old data to get a working copy of my project. I then took a copy of the .pjc file that was created, moved it to my "fixed" computer and adjusted it to point to all of the correct file locations with the restored data. Now, however, when I try to open my project using this edited .pjc file and my restored files, I get an error: "An error happened when opening the data tables". This is what I found in _OpenPRJ: 09-12-15, 16:08:13 >Open project c:\Users\Valerie\Documents\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\VALERIE SMITH__.PJC 09-12-15, 16:08:13 >Found c:\Users\Valerie\Documents\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\VALERIE SMITH__.UPD... deleting all indexes 09-12-15, 16:08:14 >ERR. File c:\Users\Valerie\Documents\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\VALERIE SMITH_ND.dbf not open This ND file exists in my directory with the rest of my data files. In my next post I will try to attach the .pjc and ND files so you can look at them. Would it be possible for you to give some direction to fix this so I can continue my genealogy research? I would be very, very grateful!
  5. I have TMG 9.03 running on both my desktop and my laptop, which are both running Win 7. I enter data only on the desktop and routinely use restore the sqz file from the desktop onto the laptop to get the laptop current. The first time I tried this after updating both computers to 9.03, I got an error message on the laptop, saying "Folder C:\Users\Joan Lince\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Projects\ does not exist". Why v8? I checked all the steps and I'm doing everything right, but now I see that the first dialog box in the restore process on my laptop gives, in the space for "Restore project to this folder:", the v8 path that I typed above in this message. That's what the restore program put in there. I've reviewed my paths in TMG Preferences Advanced on both computers and everything correctly says v9. So I have to conclude that the program is erroneously specifying the wrong path. I tried manually correcting the path in that first dialog box to read v9, but when I did that I got a message that the " Folder C:\Users\Joan Lince\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9 path does not exist. Create new folder?" That's incorrect. I looked it up in my laptop's Windows Explorer and it's there. What should I do?
  6. I restored several sqz files from my fathers computer to my computer and all went well with the exception that now every time i open those those projects a new directory with my dads name is added under C:users. It adds C:Users/"Dads Name"/Documents/The Master Genealogist v8/Backups. It doesn't actually add a new user, just the directories. I delete Dad (sounds bad!!), and he pops up again each time the file is opened. I don't think this will cause problems, but not sure. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
  7. Hi, Forum: I boiught V8 Gold and when I tried to Restore my data I get a TMG error window that reads "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered 72 GETFILEX" The data file existed in V7 but was corrupted in some fashion, I think (I got similar error codes at times). However, there is a Project (only one) and a number of .sqz files on various drives of my computer. The program won't let me get to them, it seems. Any idea how I can correct? Thanks for your help, Tim Ruckle