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Neil Grantham

Suggestions for recording a 'possible' marriage

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Can anyone suggest how I might record the following scenario until I resolve it?


I have two brothers, Albert and Lewis, who married two sisters Lavinia and Veronica.

It is very possibly a double wedding, as they are listed in the same 'record page' of the UK's GRO.


So, I don't know at the moment which brother, married which sister.

How would I go about recording this in TMG until I have resolved this?



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Did the marriage record not tell who was the bride and who was the groom? That's odd. Or where the Albert Lewis Smith and Lavinia Veronica Jones?
Sorry, should explain for those unfamiliar with a UK GRO record:


The record shows:

Surname, Forename, Surname of spouse, District, Page, Volume


This is done alphabetically, so mine are listed thus


Grantham, Albert, Styles, Atherstone, 5, 58

Grantham, Lewis, Styles, Atherstone, 5, 58

Then for the spouses

Styles, Lavinia, Grantham, Atherstone, 5, 58

Styles, Veronica, Grantham, Atherstone, 5, 58


From the page and volume, you can order a certificate, but as they are distant cousins, it's a bit expensive to buy one right now. There will of course be other ways to find out.


So, this is why I don't yet know, which brother, married which sister, and pondering how to record it.

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Go to the Warwickshire Registrations index - each marriage has a unique number with a suffix of 1 for the groom & 2 for the bride




Grantham Albert - 767/NWR/20/24/1

Grantham Louis - 767/NWR/20/23/1

Styles Lavinia - 767/NWR/20/24/2

Styles Veronica - 767/NWR/20/23/2


Therefore Albert married Lavinia & Louis married Veronica.





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