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Neil Grantham

Changing Living Flag for lots of people

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For whatever reason, lots of living people in my project have the 'Living' Flag set at ? and I would like to set this to Y


What is the best approach for this? I thought about using TMG Utility but does that not just allow you to set the N value for those over an age/date you choose?


Would it be best to just create a report so that I have a list of those whose attention is needed.


I don't really want to just change those ? Flags to Y as there may also be dead people among them!


Thanks for your tips and advice


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First what I would do is set the ? to N IF the person was say over 100. (Yes, that means you may kill off some cousin who is still fortunate to be living at 102, but you can probably manually pick those out.)


That would then leave you with the people who were less than 100 with a ? or Y. You could then change those to Y and that would allow you to not include them in reports until you could prove they were deceased. To me, better alive and not included when really dead, than dead and included when really alive. Did that make sense?

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Use the List of People report and Options / Secondary Output. Use different filters as appropriate and multiple report runs.

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