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Places in Journal

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Is there anyway to have the places in the journal show the city and state rather than the city county state but still show locations that are county state only?


Married in LaGrange, Il

instead of Married in LaGrange, Cook, Il


Born in Burke Co ND


If any TMG people read this there seems to be several bugs in the place data when you choose select individual fields option.


When checking city county state it seems nothing appears unless all three items are in the data base. When checking city state, data base items that have that information sometimes do not print. I can provide more detailed info if needed.



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Yes, You can use place styles. Place styles just tell TMG how to print different places. The bad think is though that to do that, you'd have to have two instances of LaGrange, Cook County, IL.


You can also use L1, L2, L3 in the sentence structure.


I prefer place styles myself.


No sure what you meant by that last part. If you mean when searching, TMG will search for data in the field you put your cursor in. So if you want to search for City, you will have to put the cursor in the City field. If you put it in the state field, you will not get the city or the county. THat is just the way it works.

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When you mention searching, are you referring to putting your cursor in one of the Location fields and using the F2 function key to search the Master Place List? If so then you might find an explanation of the F2 behavior I posted on the TMG-L ListServ here as helpful in understanding what it does. If you read that post, note that I refer to "higher" (and lower) location fields, by which I meant higher in TMG location numbering, e.g. [L5] is higher than [L4], or State is higher than County.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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