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Diane Hosler

Viewing Gedcom Export

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GEDCOM is a raw ASCII text file. You can view the contents of the file with any program that reads text files, such as Notepad or WordPad.

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Hi, :)


I baught Gedcom a few years ago (to assist my TMG- database), and resently I tried to upgrade, which crashed the whole programme..

I don't remember, what I paid for, and how long periode I bought it for, so now I'm just trying to reciover it, but can't find my original down-load-data.


I believe i bought it through arne_myklebost@hotmail.com maybe as far back as 2008?


Maybe I used winXP back then, and now I'm using win7.. - Whatver happened I don't know, but during upgrade It seems like I've lost the complete programme??


Any chance you can help me from this sparce info?? I can't even start it from TMG8 anymore...?? :(


Arne Myklebost,

Vogts Gate 40

0474 Oslo

mob: +4799532794

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GEDCOM is a file format for exchange of data between genealogy applications. I suspect you are talking about the program GenSmarts? It's a program to help you identify additional sources, and is made by another company. You may want contact them at there website, http://www.gensmarts.com/


Terry Reigel

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