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errors during merge of two datasets

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Trying to merge two datasets within the same project, I get a series of error messages

OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Panels: Maximum Panels Exceeded

Variable 'ID2' is not found. 1159 MERGEDS_E2



I recreated the project and ran all the maintenance functions first - same problem

I have TMG v 8.08

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Win 7/64 - TMG8.08 - Focus Group with 3000+ people - Select All, ancestor & descendants & spouses - Add Others -lots of processing then

" OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Panels: Maximum Panels Exceeded"

choose Cancel produces

"File access is denied c:userswwwwwwwwappdatalocaltmg41242486_decwork.cdx. 26 MKDEC"

Choose ABORT - TMG exits & will restart "OK"

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Does anyone get the issue when doing something else that uses the same progress thermometer... VFI, backup, restore?


(btw... When you get an error, only the first error message is of significance. There is no point in reporting subsequent error messages.)

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I agree this sounds like heavy processing on the Focus Group..

I START with just 2 people, then add their ancestors giving 247 people - all type of grandparents

then I add all their descendants, giving 1714 "relatives" - all types of cousins

Then I repeatedly add all their spouses, and their families - to find all the people related by 1 or more marriages, which is where I get 2500 through 3335 people (currently).

If anyone has a better way of doing this PLEASE suggest --- PLEASE

I say the Focus Group every 1 or 2 iterations and when TMG gives up I can pick up easily - it takes 8 iterations in the last stage to find everyone, and usually TMG "only" fails once.

I only do this once per month, just before re-generating our website, so for me this is not urgent.

I suggest the failure is caused by the window(s) which flash in the upper-right of the screen indicating the progress. Are they useful/required ?

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The title of this topic speaks of merging two data sets, but it sounds like the error you have is actually with the operation of the Focus Group in preparation for that. Is that correct?


Jim would know better than I about a the error issue. But I can suggest several ways to work around the issue. One is to use Flags rather than the Focus Group to do this. You can set up a custom Flag, then use the secondary output of the List of People report to set that Flag to the proper value in a process rather like you use with the Focus Group. This is described in my article on Using People Filters. It is a bit more cumbersome than the Focus Group but it would get you around the error.


Using the Flag method, if the people involved don't change much from month to month you could save the Flag and re-use it, manually adding any new people. A good way to do that is by including the Flag in the Add Person screen, and setting it correctly for each new person you add as you add them, thus avoid any monthly updating at all.


I also wonder if you might avoid the whole merge issue. You say it is for generating a website. Are you using Second Site? If so, you can use a Flag to control who is included in the site and perhaps avoid having separate Data Sets altogether?

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Sorry if this post appears twice - I can't see what I said 20 mins ago so ...


I think we have 2 people with 2 ways of reaching the same error message.


debbieshields has a merge dataset problem


We have a heavy Focus Group processing which produces the same message.

We can bypass the problem - either by following Terry's advice and using reports and flags, or by stopping/starting TMG regularly

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