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John W Van Dyke

Version 9.4 losing size

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Hi Again,


I seem to be again having problems with TMG reducing drastically in size doing backups. I have moved TMG to a new computer, Windows 8, not tied to the internet, has no virus protection and very few other programs. I start out with a back up size of 36,129 KB. When, after making sure ALL my strings refer to the specific computer and location I start the backup, the file size ends up as 3,839 KB!


Anyone have any suggestions?




John Van Dyke

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The DNA Log data is in a data table so there is no way to not include DNA results recorded in TMG.


The DNA Fingerprint templates are customizations and should never be backed up unless customized since the program provides the default templates. They are so small that they would not affect the size of a backup in any appreciable way.

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