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Windows 10 issues

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I made the quantum leap and updated to Windows 10 on my laptop. BIG MISTAKE. I started getting error messages telling me I was denied access to the program. I trird a number of fixes including backing up my TMG priject file to a USB pen drive, uninstalling TMG, reinstalling....still error messages.... ran repair...still a problem. Since I had just updated Windows I had the 30 days in which to run it back to windows 7 pro, which I did. Another mistake. Still the problem, and when I tried to uninstall TMG an error maessage came up and I couldn't uninstall.


I then foolishly manually deleted all TMG folders, and references to the master genealogist in regedit. (I should know better!!)


I installed TMG 9.5 on my old Win XP desktop and imported my project backup. It worked perfectly and still does.


I then reinstalled a clean version of TMG on the now win 7 pro laptop and, having transferred my backup file from the pendrive to the Documents folder, restored it. I had to re-enter our details name email ser no as expected. It ran perfectly. I closed the laptop down, restarted it and tried to open TMG. it came up with :


Program Error
File accrss is denied c:\...\documents\the master genealogistv9\logs\programstartlog.log


I selected 'Ignore' another error window came up, 'Ignore' again and a third time, then I had to re-enter the name /email and ser no. again. Then I could use it.


Any ideas?


Iain MacIntosh



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Make sure that the paths in Preferences are correct. I've had a Windows 10 installation truncate the user account name to 5 characters with the result being that all TMG project paths were incorrect and required updating.

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Thanks for that. It is a strange experience. Having rolled back to Widows 7, I still had the error messages showing. I had the TMG shortcut pinned to the bottom taskbar and every time I tried to open TMG, up popped the errors. I unpinned the icon from the takbar and right clicked on the desktop icon, selected 'Run as Administrator', and it has been running perfectly with no errors. The downside, if I can call it that, is that when I tried to re-download Windows 10, it downloaded, verified, but when it started to install it came up with.......yes.... an error message, suggesting I restart my computer and re-install Win 10!! After 3 attempts I guess I'll stay with windows 7 ..fort the moment!


Over to you Microsoft!!


Thanks again

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