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Can I set up a filter for those in my database with an Immigration tag that shows their name and the date of immigration?

Judy Madnick

Albany, NY (who doesn't use filters enough to figure this out!)

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It would appear that you want to use the List of People report, since you are asking for people. But it cannot include the date of the Immigration Tag. So instead I would suggest a List of Events report.


Use a filter like:


Tag Type... Label ... Contains ... {insert part of the Label of your Immigration Tag here} ... End


Then open Options and set the Output Columns to include the ID# and/or "Given Last" for Prin1, and optionally for Prin2. Include the Date and any other field you think useful.


The result will be a list of events, but will look like a list of people. You can sort on ID#, name, or whatever you like.

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Hi Judy,


If you only want to list the Principals linked to your Immigration tags, Terry's suggestion will work very nicely, and you can ignore the rest of this post.


However, if you (or others reading this post) want to list all Principals and Witnesses who are linked to a tag (e.g. an Immigration tag), that takes more steps, is more complicated, and the subsequent report which is required to output the date and/or location data from this tag is more cumbersome.


First you will need to create a temporary Flag, perhaps named MYTAG, with default N, and other value Y.


Now run a List of Events report with a filter of:
Tag Type... // Label // = Equals // {name of tag} // END

But in the Report Options, Secondary Output tab, choose the "Change Flag" option for "All Witnesses" to set the MYTAG Flag to 'Y'.

Once you run that report everyone linked to this type of tag, whether a Principal or a Witness, will have that Flag set.

Now you will run an Individual Detail report to output the results. Unfortunately this will output a separate page for each person, but is the best I could think of to get all the desired output about the tag. To select only these Principals and Witnesses of this tag type use a filter of:

MYTAG // = Equals // Y // END

In the Report Options, Sort By tab, set the sort as desired, probably by ID Number.

In the Report Options, Tags tab, set the Selected tag to output only (or at least) this one tag, but be sure to select "All events and witnessed events".

I also recommend on the Miscellaneous tab to only set the options for Parents Primary only, and Roles to minimize the output. Your choice whether to select the option to include Sources associated with this tag on that option tab. If you wish to output the sentence memos for both these Principals and Witnesses, on the Memos tab I would include Embedded, and Include memos from witnessed events, and also set Embed sentence [M]emo on the Miscellaneous tab. However, if you use split memos, note that this report will only output the first split memo part of either the Principal or Witness memo.


While this produces a less than optimal report output, at least it is restricted to the tag of interest, outputs almost everything about this tag, and includes both Principals and Witnesses linked to these tags.


Hope this gives helpful ideas,

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