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Can Reports be Generated by Census Year?

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I am attempting to do a community record. There are only about 300 residents, so I though I could enter them into TMG and use normal tags (birth, death, census, etc.) to record their information as I would be doing for a family. But, I need something that would tie them all together so I could do reports at a higher level. The reports I thought about would be for each of the census years, i.e. 1900, 1910, etc. I looked for a method of doing so and came up with the idea of using the father-oth tag. I would create a "person" in the file named "1900 U.S. Census," or "1910 U.S. Census," etc. I would then use the father-oth tag on each head of household, linking that person to the census where they appeared. Then I would go to the "1900 U.S. Census" "individual" and run descendant report (or other) which would list all that had the father-oth tag connected to it. But, the reports do not seem to run that way - I get nothing.

Now my question: Is there some way of doing what I described above? Is there some other tag that could be used to link all individuals who appeared in the 1900 census to one "master" "individual" so that reports could be created?

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Rather than using the Father-Oth Relationship Tag, I suggest that just a "dummy" or psuedo-person "1900 U.S.Census" (or whatever) be created.  Then add that psuedo-person as a Witness to each Census Tag.  You may want to create a new Custom Census Tag Role for this Psuedo-Person and adjust normal Sentences so that the psuedo-person does not show up in reports when they shouldn't.

You can then use the dummy person to generate reports as you need.  Another idea (I have not thought this through) is to create a psuedo-person named "Smalltown" or whatever is the name of the community.  Again, adding this psuedo-person as a Witness to Tags as needed.  You might have both showing the community through the census years or just for a census year.

You might get some ideas at <http://www.tmgtips.com/unusual.htm>.



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I use Pseudo People extensively in my TMG projects, both as "Census people" and as "Location people".  I think being able to focus on a particular census is a perfect use of this concept.  Pseudo People is a rather advanced usage of TMG so you might be interested in reading the extensive section on that topic in my on-line book at:


How I create and use "Census people" is described in a separate chapter here:


and my discussion of creating "Location people" is here where I use it to create a "Cemetery person" for cemeteries with lots of my ancestors' interments so I can identify everyone I have found there:


Note that these "people" are especially useful when using Second Site as that "person" provides hyperlinks to all the associated "real" people.

Hope this gives you ideas,

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