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DNA Log/Template Use

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I was asked recently some questions about the use in TMG of DNA data.  Mostly, I had to say that I have not used TMG for recording DNA results for many years.  In looking over the feature, I am less sure of how best to use it.  Also, I have not been active in the use of DNA in quite a while.

For one, the available DNA Fingerprint Templates seem to be limited as I only recognize a few that I used in the past and tests I have used more recently are not listed.  I seem to recall a discussion (on the old RootsWeb TMG List?) about creating custom templates, but I don’t recall how the process went.

Any comments?



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Bob designed the original DNA templates (I guess.)

I built more variants and made additional templates when people used additional services and these were added to the TMG installer. I use my own variants of the mitochondrial DNA template to accommodate the two ways FTDNA reports the results. The template design is fine for recording Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA data.

(Although... There is no real point in recording the markers for the mitochondrial DNA and Y-DNA tests in TMG since you can't do anything with that data. The note field suffices for the critical information.)

Most people's questions are regarding autosomal DNA since that's what most people test for these days. The TMG DNA template structure simply isn't suitable for recording autosomal DNA results. (You can't record 700,000+ markers.)

You could create a tag to record the basic autosomal DNA data. Name the tag 'Autosomal DNA', add the date of the results, add the basic information to the note, and make a simple sentence. Family Historian has a DNA Markers attribute fact and that's how I use it for recording autosomal DNA. See the screenshot.

There's a FH discussion about recording autosomal DNA matches and the ideas could be applied in TMG. https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20372



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