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TMG6 Family Group Sheet

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This is a screen shot of a "family group sheet" style layout on a 19" monitor at 1024 X 768 resolution. :bugeye:


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I am not looking for a FGS layout, but I want to thank you for posting this one. My new notebook has a 14 inch display (so that it's small enough to be portable), and I was convinced that I could not get the children and siblings windows under the Details window. After seeing your display, I got the sense that maybe I could - and it worked great! I am able to use more space for the FG now so that I don't have to drag it over other windows when I use it, and even have a tiny corner left for the primary image.


Now back to my research log which I need to finish for my SC trip! With a cooler layout, it'll go faster - right? <G>



Here's what a layout can look like if you just want a basic FGS. I left the PE because I use it to navigate and the flags window.



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