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  1. TMG v9 problems

    Well, I made a focus group, selected everything that seemed appropriate for the GEDCOM, made the GEDCOM, downloaded the free version of Legacy, and imported the GEDCOM. I think my relative will be able to work with the GEDCOM, but she will have to purchase Legacy in order to do everything she wants to do. I was glad to see that I included the source information for her. I don't know whether every person has been included, but she can always look at my reports to determine that. Now she darn well better share any updates she has!!!
  2. TMG v9 problems

    These people have to be added manually?
  3. TMG v9 problems

    Jim, how do you make a GEDCOM for just one family within a database, assuming that that's possible? I have a relative who would like a GEDCOM of one of the families I'm researching so she can open it in Legacy 9. I've already warned her of potential issues, but I'm willing to share my data...for that one family.
  4. Journal Report printing problem

    I'm not running any other programs as administrator. To be honest, I don't recall what led to my running TMG as an administrator...but something wasn't working correctly and choosing to run TMG as administrator solved a problem. I could test it to see whether it's really necessary, but I'm so used to the security prompt when I start TMG, so it's no big deal. "No downside" makes me feel better. Thanks for your help!
  5. Today I had 13 Journal Reports to save as .pdf files. I chose "printer," clicked "Create Report," and while "calculating text for x people" received a message "Unable to start the print job" and "TerPrint 2, Error Code 5."In every instance (13 reports!), when I tried again to print the Journal Report...I was able to do so. Very strange, IMO. In general, it didn't seem to matter how many people were included in the report, although when I tested VERY small reports, they worked. There was no problem with Descendant Indented Charts. Meanwhile, I tried all the maintenance options (although I questioned whether they were even going to be helpful) AND I rebooted my laptop. Nothing helped. Any idea what I have to do to avoid having to go through the process of saving Journal Reports as .pdf files twice? I would be happy to provide any other information that may help troubleshoot this issue...which has never happened before! Thanks in advance.
  6. Journal Report printing problem

    To be honest, I don't recall why I found the need to run TMG as administrator. Is there any problem doing so?
  7. Journal Report printing problem

    Jim, that's interesting. I just checked, and I am running TMG as administrator. Using Adobe Reader, I have to rename the file before I "print" the reporter, rather than after (as I was doing when I chose Microsoft Print to PDF), but I can deal with that. Is there any reason why I shouldn't be running TMG as administrator? Also, I should be using Microsoft Print to PDF in Printer Setup?
  8. Journal Report printing problem

    Something weird just happened. I chose Adobe PDF...and it worked! Wasn't that something that wasn't working with Windows 10? It's working now! I get the "Not responding" message, but in less time than when I was using the Microsoft Print to PDF driver as the printer, I would first have it fail...and then it would take a very long time for my larger journal reports to "print."
  9. Journal Report printing problem

    Anything new regarding this issue?
  10. Ah, okay. I will make a note of that for future reference, as it will be useful for other issues. Thanks!
  11. By request I have excluded a family member's first marriage, especially because there were no children of the marriage. However, the journal report still shows that "There were no known children of...." Is there any way I can avoid having that included in the journal report?
  12. Terry's idea worked best for me. Michael, there didn't seem to be an option (at least not that I could find!) to exclude the sensitive tag type as you described.
  13. Thanks for the ideas. I'll see what works best for me (other than simply including an excluded anecdote so that I have the info for myself).
  14. Printing reports to .pdf file

    And I appreciate your input. Thanks very much!
  15. New computer, TMG installed, and most everything seems to be okay...so far. I've chosen Microsoft Print to PDF, but my reports are being saved to a temp file. I'm not finding an option as to where I would like to report to go. On my old computer, it would show up in my task bar, but not on my new one/ I don't ever remember having to choose a place for the report to be sent, and it was so simple to just open the file from the task bar. I tried this with CutePDF also. In addition, the file is being saved as an .RTF file, not a .PDF. Where did I go wrong?
  16. Printing reports to .pdf file

    Problem solved. I had .rtf files associated with Word (by default), and I don't have Word! So I downloaded Libre Office, associated .rtf files with that, and...BINGO! Whew!
  17. Report Screen Preview not working

    Problem solved. I had .rtf files associated with Word (by default), and I don't have Word! So I downloaded Libre Office, associated .rtf files with that, and...BINGO! Whew!
  18. Printing reports to .pdf file

    Is there a way to attach this thread to http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/17966-report-screen-preview-not-working/&_fromLogin=1#replyForm
  19. Report Screen Preview not working

    Jim, in our other thread, you said, "TMG uses .RTF as intermediate files in the print output process." So it appears that for those of us who are having the problem under discussion, TMG (or Windows) isn't allowing the process to complete (i.e., go from the intermediate .rtf file to the final .pdf file). So now all we have to do is determine what's stopping the process perhaps???
  20. Report Screen Preview not working

    I just found this thread -- which seems to reflect the same problem I'm having. Was there ever a solution found? My old notebook (still in my possession) and my new notebook are all Windows 10 with TMG installed. Both my Screen Preview and actual Printer job go to the temp folder.
  21. Printing reports to .pdf file

    P.S. You said this previously: The Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 printer driver doesn't work under Windows 10. This means that the Save to / Adobe Reader (PDF) selection won't work. Use the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' printer driver. You print to printer and select the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' driver as the printer.
  22. Printing reports to .pdf file

    There were problems with using the TMG PDF printer driver in Windows 10, although I don't recall what they were. CutePDF and the MS Print to PDF worked fine on my old computer (also Windows 10). Now, however, the PDFs are going somewhere -- I shouldn't have to go digging for them! ("File exported to C:\USERS\JMADN\LOCAL\TEMP\TMGS51261679\_5KF.....rtf"). It shouldn't be a .rtf file and perhaps I'm supposed to be directing the file elsewhere manually.
  23. Printing reports to .pdf file

    Do you mean in Report Destination? If so, I haven't chosen Save to Adobe Reader. I have "Save to Printer." My understanding is that I don't want to use the TMG PDF printer driver. As far as I can tell, my settings are the same as on my old computer, which worked fine. Is there someplace I can tell to report where to save to rather than having it go to a temp file that's trickier to find than having the .pdf icon in my task bar or a logical place for reports? I don't recall how I may have set that up in the past (even with all my notes!). And why would it be saved as an .rtf file?
  24. Filter for flag

    Well, I guess I'll just have to check questionable people on the report to see if I need to change their flag.
  25. Filter for flag

    I would like to set up a filter for a particular flag. I've gotten as far as List of People, Filtered group, user filter (whatever number), add, and have found and clicked on the name of the flag. What do I add for Operator and Value? Also, how do I change the default for a particular flag? If I don't watch what I'm doing, I'm getting "Y" for a group when I add people who aren't in that group. (That's why I need to set up the filter -- so I can determine who doesn't belong in a particular Flag group. ) I just figured that out.