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Found 4 results

  1. I have several exhibits that are pdf format (these are external exhibits), and when I go to the exhibit log for an individual, I am unable to open the file from within the exhibit log. What am I missing? I can open all other file extensions from within the exhibit log, like .jpg, docx, etc. I have tried "right click -- view, edit" on the pdfs -- and that doesn't work either. Thanks in advance for your help! Anita Tally Kansas City, MO
  2. I get an error code and a message when I try to send a report to PDF. The message says "Printer not activated, error code -30." However, if I try to install the printer it says it's already installed. I seem to be in a Catch22 here. I'm using TMG 9.05. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. -- Carl
  3. Hello everyone, (again: I hope of your patience, because english isn't my native language.) I've tried to print the report "Pedigree" with "bibliography" and / or "sources in endnotes" in a pdf-file. The report itself is fine. But the last page of the report doesn't seems to end with a pagebreak. So the Chapter "bibliography" or "sources in endnotes" start at the bottom of the last page of the diagram. But in my opinion it should start on the next/new (!) page after teh report. If I print the report in a word-file (or other), I can manipulate the positions, but not the pdf-file. In my personal opinion, a part of this little problem is a difference between the standard pageformat "Letter" an my "A4", wich is here in germany usefull. Is this my failure or should I send this topic to the "wish-list"? Please give me a little hint to solve this topic! Many thanks and greetings from Hannover Mark A. Waldmann
  4. New install of TMG v8 on Win 7 x64. Computer is Intel 3.0 GHz quad core, 8 GB RAM, 1 Tb HD. When printing any report type, can view report to screen (Screen Preview) just fine, but cannot printer to a PDF file. Computer locks up (after waiting 20+ minutes for a single family group sheet) and TMG becomes unresponsive. File name is created for report in desired location but file size is 0 bytes and cannot be deleted (still in use). Only way to recover is to force TMG to shut down, reboot computer and then delete file. After reboot deleted files and then check printer setup in windows "Devices & Printers". Wholly Genes PDF writer needs troubleshooting. Only solution seems to be setting Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 to default printer to clear errors in "Devices & Printers" - this is not acceptable solution since it will need to be routinely changed back for other house needs. Despite this change, PDF file printing in TMG still does not work anyway! Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling PDF printer with no change in behavior. Any ideas on why PDF printing is not functional and what it will take to get this working?