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Version 8 missing .ocx, reinstallation failed

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i have not used TMG in a while, being tied up with other things. Here is the sequence of events:


  • Ran version 8. Must have been the first time I've run that version since it asked for all my information.
  • Set it to run demo, and downloaded latest version 8 update.
  • Asked to be pointed to project file. I pointed it to the project files I had copied from the TMG 7 Project folder into the TMG 8 project folder.
  • It failed because it could not find a .ocx file.
  • Today I uninstalled TMG 8 and ran the installer again. It gets to the screen that shows the installation path, but when I click on the Install button, nothing happens. It just sits there.


Where can I go from here to get TMG 8 reinstalled?


I am running Windows 8 64-bit.



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