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Searching for records based on Source and Tags

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Since my data in TMG has been added to over the years by others that preceded me, I have found multiple Source definitions for the same thing, such as "1930 census", "Census 1930" and "U.S. Federal Census 1930" in the Master Source List. I can see how many times each one is used, but I want to see which person records they are associated with before I merge them.


The same is true in the Tags list, but here there is no Merge button, so I really need to find the two records that use "1930 Census" tag so I can change them.


How do I search for these person records using Source? How do I search for person records using Tags?

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Hi Jamie,


I think the easiest way to find the use of a given source is by its Source Number as reported in the Master Source List. I have defined a configuration for a List of Citations report which I save for repeated use. It also has a Filter of:


Source Number // = Equals // [?] // END


I save this Filter with a name (e.g. "source number") since with "[?]" it will prompt for the source number.


I then choose Output Columns in the Report options of:


Linked Record; Subject 1; ID

Linked Record; Subject 2; ID

Linked Record; Tag Type

Linked Record; Subject 1 and 2; Last, First

You can also add any other columns you may want, like Citation Detail.


And I sort the report by Subject 1's ID.


Running this report configuration and entering a source number when prompted should give you a meaningful list of the use of that source.


As for a list of the use of a particular type of tag, try a List of Events report with a filter something like:


Tag Type... // Label // = Equals // 1930 Census


You would probably want at least the Output Column of "Prin1 ID".


Hope this gives you ideas,

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I have been successful with the Report printouts. But I am trying to use a filter in the Project Explorer but can't find Source Number in the pulldown choice. I have "Source..." but then the next field doesn't give me a "#" choice.


I have tried pasting your filter suggestion into a filter file(.FLP) but it isn't working. Here is what I have:


Condition1=Source Number // = Equals // [?] // END
SearchType= 1
ShowNonPrimaryNames= 2


Can you provide some guidance what I need to do to filter the Project Explorer by Source Number?




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The Project Explorer is a list of names with some characteristics of a list of people. So, that's the wrong place to start.


Sources are linked to citations which are, in turn, linked to events.


Use the List of Events report with the filter...

Any citation... Src Number Equals [?]


When the report is run, you will be prompted for the source number.


That will identify the events and, by extension, the people that you need to check.




Taking this further...


Create a custom flag... Census1, conditions ?,y,n


Create flags for each source type. Census1, Census2, Census3, etc. I'd use the source number rather than 1,2,3 so that you know what each flag refers to.


Use the List of Events report and the Secondary Output option to set this flag to yes for each census source type filtered for. In other words, run the report for each of the source types and set the flag.


Then you can filter the Project Explorer for any two or all of the flags set. Use AND so that all flags filtered for are Y.


Census1 = Y AND

Census2 = Y END


That will give you names to check. I would then use the Project Explorer to add the list of names you need to check to a Focus Group.


Then you can use the Focus Group to work through the names that you need to check.


This might sound complicated but it's just using several simple steps tied together to accomplish what you want.

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