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Found 7 results

  1. I received a very large (10,000) name GEDCOM file from a distant relative. It appears to be primarily an extract of numerous Ancestry.com files and trees, and as such contains a lot of what I would consider nonsense (e.g. my g/grandfather listed as a "Doctor" when he was a telegrapher, and his middle initial as "S" when his middle name was Taylor). She has added details for her family that is more reliable, and I want to include that in my files. I imported my relative's GEDCOM file to a new TMG 9.05 database, although it appears the GEDCOM version was later than 5.5, as the import threw hundreds of errors. However, the import worked, and I have families properly set up after a quick QC check. As I mentioned, I wanted to load just her families' data into my master database as a starting point for seriously fleshing out that part of the family with sources, etc. I don't use export much (if at all), so doing the export is new to me. I tried to export (GEDCOM) the key descendant, and of course only got him. I set up a focus group and exported that, and only got the key ancestor again. When I exported the focus group, I limited his ancestors to 1, and maxed out the descendants, which did not help. Given that I only want 100 or so families out of the 10,000 names she gave me, am I going about this the right way? If I am, what's going wrong with the export wherein I only get 1 person? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.
  2. Hello I really need to create a gedcom of my projects. I can see how to do it via wizard. I wond loose my data will I? I dotn really think so.
  3. How do I export the Master Place List to Excel, including the designated Place Style for each entry? Thought I remember doing it but now can't find in either TMG or Utility. Thanks!

    Greetings, I'm trying to send a branch of my tree to a cousin. The only way I know to achieve this is by using Focus Group. The trouble with FG is that I can only select DIRECT ancestors (and spouses). I WANT TO ALSO INCLUDE THE ANCESTORS' SIBLINGS AND THEIR SPOUSES. How do I accomplish that ? Thanks much, Lobsterwoman
  5. Hello, My TMG 7.04 silver database contains 92,720 people with citations. On previous gedcom exports I would always check the completed export file size to be sure that it was bigger than the previous file before I uploaded it as occasionally I've had trouble. A couple of days ago I decided to update the January 2014 version of my online file, so I ran export. The file size was smaller than the Jan 2014 file, so I ran it again. The next gedcom file came out slightly larger, but still not larger than the January file, indicating that something was wrong and verified by looking at the file on rootsweb.com. So yesterday I ran export again twice (yes, I must be crazy to do it again and again) and the file sizes were 1 kb. Today I ran it twice and I'm getting zero size files and it running light lightning. Will an upgrade correct this problem? Is there something else I'm doing wrong. I'm not changing the default settings except to check the "export citation" field. The "suppress info for living" is unchecked. HP laptop with Windows 7. Thanks. Tracy Tallman
  6. I am trying to export part of my TMG data to a ged-file, but have met with problems on the way. I have used 3 methods, but they all involve the Project Explorer where I apply a filter based on a flag. At the moment that returns 7826 primary names. Now, here are the 3 methods: 1) I select all the 7826 names and export them. Result: some of the names are omitted from the resulting ged-files, but never the same. 2) I move the 7826 names to a focus group using "Add selected names ...". When I export from the focus group, some names are omitted as before. 3) I move the 7826 names to a focus group using "Add all names ..." and export them. Everything is fine, nothing is omitted. It simply works as it should every time. Perhaps there is something wrong with the selection function in the Project Explorer (you know, click on first name, hold down Shift and click on last name). Has anyone encountered this problem before?
  7. I am trying to export a Gedcom file of approximately 12,000 individuals. Just before the process is to begin I get: "Invalid Path or Filename" "285 Exportgedcom" Any help would be appreciated. Thank you