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  2. Is it possible to have an Ancestor Chart show the value of a specified flag? I have used Data Type - Box Contents to get charts to show information from a specified tag, but the list of "selected tag types" does not seem to include flags, and I have not found any other way to get the boxes in an ancestor chart to show a flag value.
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  4. report printing

    Could you tell us how you worked around the screen preview problem?
  5. report printing

    Here is one fix from an earlier topic. Since Screen Preview uses an .RTF file for the view, there must be an installed application associated with the .RTF file type. For example, if Word or LibreOffice is not installed, you can associate the .RTF file type with WordPad.
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  7. Lost key to v9

    I seemed to have resolved my immediate issues and have an error-free Family Historian project file. I would still like to be able to run TMG version 9 and am now not in any rush to get the unlock key.
  8. Lost key to v9

    Family Historian 6 will do a direct import of a TMG9 data set. Just point FH to the folder containing the TMG project. From the Project Window, click [New Project...] and select 'Import from other family tree file'. Alternatively, if you send me your project, I'll make a GEDCOM for you. I'd advise taking advantage of the direct import. Another option is to get John Cardinal's 'TMG to GEDCOM' and make a GEDCOM optimized for FH6 import.
  9. Lost key to v9

    Thanks Jim. I am not holding my breath. I need to create a GEDCOM of my data to import into Family Historian. Is there a work-around?
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  11. Lost key to v9

    If the TMG installation is locked, you can still open a project; however, you're limited in what you can do with it. If you sent a request to support@whollygenes.com for your registration information, it will be answered when it's answered. I can't tell you anything more than that. If you don't get an answer by a couple of weeks after you wrote, contact me by email and we'll look for another solution. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  12. report printing

    found a work around and now I can print and view on screen. But not the usual way. Such is life these days.
  13. report printing

    So. Jim, how do you correct it? Or How can you work around. Or how can you locate the application that is interfering? I have tried and tried all sorts of ways and cannot preview or print a report.
  14. Lost key to v9

    I am trying to open a TMG v9 data file but have lost the key. I did submit a quest for the key but have not yet heard back. I was told to be prepared to wait for a reply which I continue to do. About how long should I expect to wait?
  15. TMG to the Bitter End

    If I have to, I will run Windows 7 in a virtual machine just to run TMG on. I figure I can do that forever
  16. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    I had the column big enough to display 5 digits originally. I then copied a source and changed the number to 1001 and again to 1002. Only the 100 displayed for each. I closed the program thinking it would not work like before. I opened TMG after reading your response and it is now displaying correctly. I must have given up too quickly before and renumbered the source I thought was not displaying correctly before I closed the program. Somehow that caused the number to display correctly. This is good to know because I am once again wanting to expand my source numbers beyond 999.
  17. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    Susan, You mean in the Master Source list, the column is too narrow for more than three digits? You can drag either side of the label at the top of the column to make it wider. Hold your cursor over the vertical bar at the edge of label until it turns into a double-headed arrow and drag to the side. I don't remember if you have to save the layout to get it to stick when you close and re-open the MSL. That may be required.
  18. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    What I meant by overwhelm my Master Source List was the ability to display higher source numbers. If I try to go above 999 it only displays the first 3 digits of the number in the List. Otherwise everything woks ok. How do I get all 4 digits to display on the List?
  19. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    Susan, I once used a similar method of constructing census sources using split CDs, as described in my article at https://tmg.reigelridge.com/Sources-Census-SplitCD.htm I gave it up in 2008, for reasons described in that article, and converted to a separate Source for each household. That increased my number of census sources from 512 to 957. Since then I've added a lot of census sources -- I currently have 4,297. I don't find that to overwhelm any function in my Master Source List, but I suppose everyone has a different idea of what would do that.
  20. report printing

    I have the latest update of both versions of Edge and have no problem with the preview window. With the latest Chrome version of Edge open and running, a screen preview of a individual narrative report is output with no problem. If you have Word installed, it is always the default application for .RTF unless you have changed the default. Applications that typically interfere with TMG are file sync or backup applications and security, anti-virus, and anti-malware applications.
  21. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    Here is another option. After reviewing Evidence Explained we decided that the bibliography entry (for U.S. Census) should start with the state and the county. for each census year so we created a source definition for each census year, state, and county . Then we included all households in that source located within the same county. The census tag then uses the head of household as Principal 1 and any spouse of the head as Principal 2. All other family members are witnesses and assigned a role and non-family members (servants or boarders) are listed in the memo. This allows the tag to be edited from either principal or any witness. We created a few new roles: child, child-in-law, parent, parent-in-law, grandchild, sibling, sibling-in-law and nephew/niece in addition to family just in case we missed a relationship. TMG then utilizes the sex flag and the male and female sentence to get the correct wording in the sentences. The repository is the National Archives and Records Administration however we do create a new source definition for each type: film or online (Ancestry, FamilySearch etc.). Like the last contributor the citation detail is very detailed and includes 2 parts for film and 3 parts for online because the access date needs to be included. Our reminder for the film version is: 1900 CD is entered as: Location starting after the county, Magisterial District #, city, ward #, vol. #, p. #-A or B (stamped), ED #, sheet #, line #, house #, dwelling #, family #, farm schedule #, name of H of H||#### [for the roll number] This format changes with each census. This utilizes the features of TMG including not creating a source definition for every household and splitting the citation detail to make a more readable footnote/endnote. The output form for the full footnote is: [TITLE], [RECORD INFO], [CD1]; NARA microfilm publication [FILM], roll [CD2]. The output form for the bibliography is: [LOCATION]. [RECORD TYPE], [RECORD INFO]. NARA microfilm publication [FILM], [ROLL]. [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]: [REPOSITORY], [ACCESS DATE]. If I created a source for every household I would now have 663 sources just for the U/S. Census which would overwhelm my Master List of Sources. That is why early on I created this system.
  22. report printing

    Yes, I agree with your statement that the screen preview window is not being opened. I also agree that a third-party application is blocking the function. The last 2 apps added to the computer were Microsoft Teams Meeting and the update to Microsoft Edge. After the Teams Meeting was added everything was still ok. The problem started after the update to Microsoft Edge. We already had to change 1 setting as a result of the update. We checked the default app for a .rtf file and it is set to Microsoft Word. Any suggestions on what setting we might need to change to fix this new problem?
  23. report printing

    TMG always creates a temporary .RTF file in the temp folder when you print to screen preview. The .RTF file is what you view in screen preview and is not an issue. The issue seems to be that the screen preview window is not being opened. Is that correct? The most likely reason for the screen preview failing to display is some third-party application blocking the function.
  24. report printing

    We have 1 member of our user group with the same problem. I have reinstalled and run all 3 maintenance items to try to fix without any luck. TMG works fine except when you try to use screen preview. It sends her reports to C:\USERS\PLAST\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\TMG56335403\56805891.rtf. If you run other reports it only changes the name of the first part of the file name not the path. The name of the user is PLAST. This started happening after the last update to Microsoft Edge was distributed. We also had to change where our files were saved to allow us to be able to enter own own file name instead of the cryptic filename automatically chosen by Ancestry or ProQuest. Is it possible that this problem could also be fixed by changing the right setting, which I have been unable to locate? Previously it worked just fine. Also, if you use Save to and give it a name, it works just fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  25. report printing

    Are you saying that when you have Report Destination: Screen Preview selected and click [Create Report], the report is not previewed? Running the installer and selecting [Repair] or uninstalling TMG to do a reinstall has absolutely no effect on your data. The installer scripts include nothing about where TMG saves its data and can't remove any data. Are you running Optimize / Validate File Integrity / Optimize on a regular basis (as you should be doing)?
  26. report printing

    I attempt to print a report and it instead saves it somewhere and I cannot locate it. It used to simply come on screen and then I could print it. There's got to be a simply way out of this issue. I thought I read once that reloading the program would clear it up but I worry that I'll lose more than 10 years of data saved so I've not gone that route.. Need some advice. John
  27. Add or Copy Language

    Lee, I can add German2 with no error. I'd guess that the maintenance routines do not work on the strings table. I suspect that TMG reindexes it when it changes and an external .DBF tool is required for real maintenance. If you want me to pack the .dbf and .fpt, send me the three strings files. Jim
  28. Playing with Languages somewhat related to recent discussions on TMG-L, I tried to [Add] a Custom Language. After entering the name of the new Language (German2) , I clicked [OK] and got the error message: Variable 'CGERMAN2' is not found. 42 FRMMODIFYLANG.MCOPY I clicked [Abort] and tried to [Copy] German and again entered the new Language name (German2) and got the error message: Variable 'CGERMAN2' is not found. 39 FRMMODIFYLANG.MCOPY This is following all the Maintenance routines which noted no problems. I tried the Maintenance routines (including Reindex) again and got the same thing. This is with a new installation of v9.05 on Win10 and with an Import of a v4x data set. Any ideas? Lee
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