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  2. Before doing anything, make a backup of your project (project files, accents and filters). I'd do something like this. 1) Make a focus group of the individuals that you want to remove. 2) Use the secondary output feature of the List of People report to export those people in the focus group to a new project. (You can then open the new project, make a backup, and delete that new project after making the backup.) 3) Using the original project... Create a new data set with the Data Set Manager and move the people in the focus group to the new data set. You can then delete the new data set using the Data Set Manager. Follow the same procedure for any group of people that you wish to remove.
  3. About ten years ago I exported a branch of my family as a sqz file and then consequently deleted it. I cannot figure out how I did this. I have two branches that I have determined are not part of the family but would like to save them for future references. Also would like to delete from my tree. Using version 9. Any help would be appreciated. Jack
  4. Corrupt Project

    If you don't get an error message identifying the damaged database table, I need to see your project for testing. Update... 11 tables had damaged headers.
  5. Corrupt Project

    OK, re-booted & started TMG as administrator. SAMPLE project cane up w/o problem. Exited, and re-started as normal, selected my main project only to get “An error happened when opening the data tables.…” Clicked [OK] & TMG exited. Tried running as administrator again, and got the “Repair node has been activated…" message. Clicked [OK] and TMG came up to the welcome screen as usual. (Last project was greyed out). Selected my main project, and still got the “An error happened when opening the data tables.…” Tried selecting {Repair] from the Install program. Started as Admin and entered license data, exited and re-started. Selected my main program and still got “An error happened when opening the data tables…” I still think one of the (Name?) tables is screwed up. But can’t figure which.
  6. Corrupt Project

    Sometimes, TMG doesn't close when you exit. This might account for the 'in use elsewhere' message. KIll the running process or do a Windows restart. %%%%%%%%%% other issue... Try running TMG once as admin and then exiting. Now try running TMG normally.
  7. I was working on my main project as usual today when TMG quit. I did not notice immediately as I was switching to another open program for a moment. So, when I decided to go back to TMG, it wasn’t there. This has happened in the past and I just re-started it and rain the Maintenance routine to check that all was OK. This time, on restart, it flashed a message saying that a file was missing. I must have hit a key or something as the message went away quickly. My memory of the quick view was that one of the Name files was missing. I opened File Manager and saw that all the six Name files (other than the index files) were present. So, I again re-started TMG to get the message that the “Project is already open elsewhere”. Now, that is all I get. I can open other projects. If I open another project, exit, and re-start then all appears file. If I try opening my main project, I get the message “An error happened when opening the data tables…” Clicking [OK] closes the program. Re-start now tells me that it is operating in Repair Mode. Opening SAMPLE and exiting and restarting gives the normal operation until I try opening my main project again. Looking at the four Name files in a DB program does not show anything. That is, they all appear as I might expect them. However, I could be missing something as I am not _that_ familiar with the file structure of each file. I did note something with my NPT.DBF file that seems odd. It gives the Template, ID, and Value as expected – except that there are eleven lines with lines 10 and 11 having the same Template and Value (Maiden Name). Comparing this with other projects, they only show nine lines. I do not recall that I might have created a Custom Name template although looking at the ST table, I see two Marr Name Style Stylenames with the same display – both including Maiden Name]. I don’t know that this is what caused the problem although I can see that it might. Anyhow, my SOP is to do a quick Backup (Project only) following each session or end-of day. I do a full Backup every few weeks. I looked to Restore my latest Backup to only find no quick Backups and only my full backups (3 weeks ago). I have a bunch of quick backups from v4x, but those are years old and not much help now. <Arrghh> Any ideas? Lee
  8. Tag Issues

    Right. The model is... Globally... Tag Type > Role > Sentence Locally... Tag > Role > Sentence Note that multiple roles for a tag type (or tag) principal won't translate to other programs. (Although the principal in a Family Historian fact can have a witness role. The trick there is to suppress the principal role with a {blank} local sentence so the fact doesn't have two outputs.) Multiple roles for a tag type (or tag) witness will translate to some other programs. (such as RootsMagic or Family Historian)
  9. Tag Issues

    Hi again...so I think I figured out my problem. (TMG was not locked). I didn't realize that in order to change the witness sentence you had to select it in the role list box. I didn't realize that each of those roles could have their own sentence structure....I'm becoming a pro (ha ha) now. At any rate I do believe, with your help, I've got all my tag issues figured out and actually have fixed those that need fixed. So until my next issue arises...thank you!
  10. Tag Issues

    That you can't edit suggests that TMG is locked. You need to make sure that the installation is unlocked. 1) Run TMG normally and unlock. Help > Unlock the full program If TMG is already unlocked running as Standard user, this selection won't appear in the Help menu. 2) Run TMG as administrator by right-clicking on the TMG shortcut and selecting Properties > Run as administrator. Reply to the security prompt and unlock. Exit TMG once you are done and then you can run TMG normally. You must use the registration information that you received in your registration email from Wholly Genes. On the Tag Type Definition / Other tab, the GEDCOM export type should be 1 EVEN 2 TYPE. "CE19" is non-standard and invalid. The sentences make no sense as written. Something simple that works... [P] <|and [PO]> appeared on the U.S. census <of [D]> <[L]> [W] was enumerated in the household of [P] <and [PO]> in the [D] U.S. census <[L]>
  11. Tag Issues

    Gees...I can't believe I never noticed that field indicating "custom". I'm pretty sure I must have created them many moons ago. That's a big help!! So now on to try and fix the messes I created...If you look at the attachments for the "custom" tag (1930) I created you will note that the "witness statement" in the first attachment has the wrong year in it. I cannot change that when I use the "Edit" button (and I can't change the witness sentence on any of the other "custom" tags I created) either . I can change the "Sentence" but I really don't need to as it appears they are all correct in my projects. I am certain I never entered anyone as a Witness. And... dear Jim...just so I do this correctly, could you look at the rest of the fields in the attachments and let me know if I have all the buttons and boxes done right? I know I will have to change the years but does anything else need to be changed? Lastly...what is the Data Set Default Style as indicated in the center section on the 1st attachment? Can't thank you enough for all of your help! Mary
  12. Tag Issues

    > Are you guys saying that only the "Census" tag was standard in TMG and the "Census 1900", "Census 1910" et al are not standard tags that came with the TMG software? Yes. "Census 1900" and "Census 1910" are custom tag types created by you? or by another user if you got the data from someone else. If you open the master Tag Type List and select a tag type, check the second entry in the middle column. The Type will be "Standard" or "Custom". You can determine whether any tag type is standard or custom by checking this.
  13. Tag Issues

    Thank you both so much for trying to help me out on this. Let me ask this because I may be confused on the Tags. Are you guys saying that only the "Census" tag was standard in TMG and the "Census 1900", "Census 1910" et al are not standard tags that came with the TMG software? Forgive me if that is correct because I thought that all the individual census tags in my projects were built into the program when I bought it. Furthermore, I thought that when I upgraded (I think I had TMG 7) to TMG 9 that not all the census tags went into all of my projects. That said, I then thought that I would have to fix each project by adding the missing census years to the projects as needed. (I have not worked in most of the projects for several years and I don't recall if I added any the other census' but it sounds like I may have...ugh.) I was hoping to get one good set of all census listings set up correctly and then add or export whatever is needed to my other projects. Mary
  14. Tag Issues

    To cut through the confusion... You are using the standard "Census" tag type and add Census tags to individuals with different dates for the different census years? This is the issue that Terry and I aren't understanding. Although the Census tag type is a standard tag type, you can edit the tag type sentence globally and you can edit the Tag sentence locally in the Census event tags. This should explain why you get different different sentences in different projects. The standard Census tag type should have a GEDCOM export tag of CENS. Any custom tag type should have a GEDCOM export tag of 1 EVEN 2 TYPE. A custom GEDCOM export tag like CE9 or CE19 is non-standard and not portable in a GEDCOM. You should not be using GEDCOM to copy data between your projects. Using GEDCOM results in data loss of things like witnesses and sentences. You use the List of Individuals to export individuals to a new project, merge that new project with an existing project. and then merge the new data set in the target project to the existing data set.
  15. Tag Issues

    Mary, There are no standard tags that include census years in their labels. Any Census Tags you have like that are custom tags. Either you created them or you imported from another program than had them. When you say the information on those you find are different, which fields do you mean? I would expect the Sentences to differ somewhat because the information recorded on the various years differs. Where are you trying to edit the Witness Sentences? You should be able to do that on the Tag Type Definition screen, but not on individual Tags unless a Witness exists in that Tag.
  16. Tag Issues

    Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply. I apologize if I have not made myself clear. The only time I added a custom tag type was in the Sample project. (This was a census tag...is that considered a "custom" tag?) The problem I see is when my information was moved in to TMG 9. For some reason not each and every census 1790-1800-1810 etc showed up as tags in all of my projects. Some projects have only one census tag in their tag list while others have varying numbers of the census'. In addition the information in the setup on Tag Type Definition screens are different from one census to another. I would like to get all of the projects to have all the census' in their tag list and have the setup tag type definitions be the same (except to make changes for year of the census.) I don't mind exporting a tag however I need to make sure that I am exporting one with correct info in it...hence my question about the Gedcom field and the Witness Sentence. By the way there isn't a witness on many of the census tags in the projects yet I still can't edit the witness sentence. I would prefer to just delete the sentence for census records as I won't be using it. Thanks again, Mary
  17. Tag Issues

    You've been inconsistent about what custom tag types that you've added to different projects and how you've set up those custom tag types. You just need to clean things up by adding the tag types or editing the tag types as you wish. I don't mean 'inconsistent' in a negative way since it's perfectly normal to have different custom tag types in different projects. Using the master Tag Type List, you can export selected tag types and import them to a different project. This allows you to copy a custom tag type created in one project to a different project. You can't edit a witness sentence unless there is a witness since those sentences are specific to each witness.
  18. Tag Issues

    So I upgraded to TMG 9 a while back. I have multiple projects and I recently started to work in a project that I had not really worked in since the upgrade. The issues I found led me to look closer at my other projects and it was then that I found that all of the other projects did not list Tags for the individual census', ie 1880, 1900, 1910 etc. Each project seemed to have a select few of various census tags. This led me to research and try to figure out how to add the missing tags in the projects. I keep going down the infamous "rabbit hole" while researching and trying to figure out what to do. I may have it figured out but I still have a few issues in trying to master the process (despite reading a gazillion help topics). First off I am in the advanced mode for data entry. When I was getting ready to add the missing census' I did a comparison to see how the existing census tags were set up in my other projects. I found multiple differences but I think I can do the add/copy with only a few issues to resolve. One...the first screen on the tag has a field "Gedcom" on it. That field entry varies (CENS, CE9, CE19) on the existing entries. My question-should that field be the same for the existing census tags as well as the new ones that I want to enter? Two...I played around copying and adding in the "Sample" Project. When I did a copy to create a new census I end up with a "witness sentence" that I cannot edit or delete. I can edit the "Sentence" field on that same page though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mary
  19. PROJECT PD.dbf not found

    First... A project is a SET of 48 files. As a general rule, you NEVER move one of those files from one project to another project. Second... A .DBF file often has a corresponding .FPT file. They are closely linked to one another. If you replaced only the .DBF file, then the .DBF file and the .FPT file no longer correspond to one another. The question is how much data you lost and what other problems will occur by your choice to replace one file of the project set. You found that the original Name_PD.DBF did exist and it's possible that I could have fixed it. The file probably had a damaged header. If you don't have the original Name_PD.DBF, your only choice at this point is to revert to the backup.
  20. I checked and found only 3 Name_PD files. 1 is the one in question (Name_PD.DBF) and the other 2 are the ones you mentioned not to mess with (.FPT & CDX). I did have a backup of the PROJECT FILE done just a couple of days earlier. I made a copy of this backed up Name_PD.dbf and load it back to replace the damaged one. It seemed to do the trick and I am back up and running. Thanks for your help. It's really great to have someone that can give help, suggestions and support to old time TMG users. I really appreciate you. Jim
  21. PROJECT PD.dbf not found

    The error message is saying that the NAME_PD.dbf data table is missing. Confirm that by checking the project folder. 1) If NAME_PD.dbf is present, it is likely damaged. I might be able to fix it. Otherwise... 2) Is there another NAME_PD file with a different file type such as NAME_PD.bak or another file type (other than .FPT and .CDX)? If so, rename the file to NAME_PD.dbf and try to open your project. (WARNING. NAME_PD.FPT and NAME_PD.CDX are correct. Do NOT rename those two files.) To be sure, the project folder isn't being directly synced with something like OneDrive or DropBox or another syncing service? That would be a good way to cause this issue.
  22. Last time using my project, in attempting to close, I pressed 'yes' (by mistake) when asked if I wanted to 'backup'. Subsequently I pressed the 'cancel' button and the project closed. Now it will not open and gives me this ERROR message: PROJECT NAME_PD.dbf not found. Can anyone help?
  23. Exhibits Folder

    Mary, You could use an exhibits folder (the default location or a location of your choice) and include a subfolder for each of your projects. As a matter of good practice, each exhibit should have a unique name irrespective of which folder it is stored in. When you add a new exhibit, the exhibits are opened to the exhibits folder location in Preferences. Since each project has its own exhibits folder location, you can set the exhibits folder path to the proper subfolder for each project. If you ever need to relocate your exhibit tree in the future (such as moving to a new computer), be sure to update the exhibit path in Preferences for each project and then use Validate File Integrity to update the paths for the exhibits in each project. Jim
  24. Exhibits Folder

    Mary, I don't have the time (or, probably, the expertise) to help at the moment. But it's my impression that this forum is not much used any more, unless you get lucky and Jim Byram sees your post and replies. I'm sure the answer to your question is yes, but I think you'd be better off asking on the TMG-L email list (go to https://tmg-l.groups.io/g/main to subscribe if you are not already on the list). There are many very TMG-knowledgeable people there who are always very helpful and quick to respond. You may find that some will wonder why you have separate projects for different families. The usual recommendation is to have all TMG data in one project (even one dataset) with flags to identify the different families. That's a much more flexible approach that solves several issues that arise where you have separate projects. Hope this helps.
  25. I have multiple family projects in my TMG and I have attached many exhibits to one of the projects. Is there any way that I can have a separate Exhibits folder for each of my projects so as not to have all exhibits in one folder? Perhaps name them "Exhibits Smith", "Exhibits Jones" etc. Thanks!! Mary
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