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  2. Thanks. Sometimes I forget about the Help. Worked fine.
  3. Sure. Enter "[?]" (no quotes) into the value field to make a report definition that prompts you. Checking [Help] for any selected report would have given you this answer.
  4. I'm wondering if a report query can be structured so as to prompt me for filter values whenever I run it. I am doing an analysis of my database, which contains more than 29,000 names, to help analyze when my surname's DNA ended up in another surname's DNA. We think there was some hanky-panky going on back in the late 1800s and we're attempting to narrow it down to when both families were in the same area. The problem being that I need to run multiple reports with different filters for birth location and census location, etc. and I would like to not have to keep changing the query filter for the next report. If it could prompt me for the filter value then it would make life a whole lot simpler. And, it would help in the future when I help others. Thanks for any help.
  5. Residence Tag Sentence Structure

    I think the structure proposed by Jim Byam should do. [W] resided in the household of [P1] <and [P2]> at <[L]> < with [WO]> <[D] If I have it right, this lists everyone in the household, starting with the current witness. With Paul Leroy Lantz as the current witness, I get: Paul Leroy Lantz resided in the household of Harold Frederick Lantz at at Scott Street, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, with Virginia Eleanora Lantz in December 1916. I think this will do, thanks
  6. Residence Tag Sentence Structure

    Morbius, The name of the Witness doesn't appear in the output for the simple reason that your Sentence doesn't use any variable for the Witness's name. Instead, it is specifying that the Principal's name be output. If you want the Witness's name you need to include a variable that will output it, such as the Witness variable [W] or the Subject variable . If you tell us what output you want for the two Witnesses we can suggest a Sentence that will produce it.
  7. Residence Tag Sentence Structure

    You don't use the principal sentence for witnesses. You need an appropriate witness sentence. Something like... [W] resided in the household of [P1] <and [P2]> at <[L]> < with [WO]> <[D]> Terry or Michael might have a better sentence suggestion.
  8. I am struggling with the sentence structure for the residence tag. Currently, the sentence structure for principals and witnesses is as follows [P] <|and [PO]> resided at <[L]>< with [WO]> <[D]> For the following circumstances P1: Harold Frederick Lantz [father] P2: blank W1: Paul Leroy Lantz [son] W2: Virginia Eleanora Lantz [daughter] Resided on Scott street, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts in December 1916 Sentence structure with Harold Frederick Lantz as principal (journal report), comes out as Harold Frederick Lantz resided at Scott Street, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, with Paul Leroy Lantz and Virginia Eleanora Lantz in December 1916. This is fine, but the sentence structure with Paul Leroy Lantz as principal (journal report) Harold Frederick Lantz resided at Scott Street, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, with Virginia Eleanora Lantz in December 1916. For some reason the principal (listed in the tag as a witness) does not appear in the sentence The sentence structure works for for the reports I have been generating (mostly journal and individual narrative reports) for the principals, but doesn't work for the witnesses. I would like to generate something like Witness 1, was residing in this place, with Principal 1 and Principal 2 (when present, which it isn't in this case), with other witnesses (when present) on date. Or something like that. I was hoping the collective experience could help me sort this out. thanks
  9. Parents in birth tag

    I didn't find any way to do it either, thanks for the thoughts.
  10. Parents in birth tag

    Sorry, I know of no variables or automated way to generate that data in a TMG report. That is one of the nice things about Second Site in that the separate Parent Section at the top of the person's page gives the parents' birth/death dates.
  11. I have been generating a lot of reports, mostly family group sheets and journal reports, and hope to generate a bit more data for spouses beyond name and birth date. Some time back, a friend on this website noted that I could generate a spouses parents names by modifying a birth tag, e.g. [:CR:][:CR:][P] [PAR], was born <[D]> <[L]> Modification (adding [PAR]) generates the following sentence, which was what I was looking for: Mattie Lou Harman, daughter of John Marion Harman I and Virgie Victoria Hager, was born on 18 July 1925. However, I would like to figure out a way to add birth and death year for the parents, e.g Mattie Lou Harman, daughter of John Marion Harman I (1890-1972) and Virgie Victoria Hager (1893-1992), was born on 18 July 1925. I just haven't been able to figure it out, and have been adding this information to reports manually. I was hoping someone here might have an idea.
  12. After some time away from The Master Genealogist I returned this past year, only to discover I cannot open the full program.  Is there any way to to work around this ?  Is it possible to buy the full program from someone?

    Thank you!

    Debbie Seemueller, Westerville, Ohio

    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram

      Please post in the appropriate forum if you need help. Do not post in a "status".

      The first message in this topic has a link for purchasing the current (final) version of TMG.


  13. Hello Jim Ignore this post thank you Thank you. It was definitely showing bold in the surname and couldn't fix it. I did another default setting and got bold surname text back. However, I am now getting "Jasmine (--?--)" when I don't have a surname. In names, I have spouses checked. In names, I have surname caps which I use, but it is showing "empty name text (--?---)." Now I cannot see what I have done to cause this. My memory, as you can guess, is not what it was. I won't have many people who don't have a surname. I looked into report output and I found the same family and no I don't have (--?--).showing. i went into another project and it is the same setting in names.. Sorry about this.I appreciate your assistance. Edit. Hold off on this as I deletedd it and did another chart but cannt find the family. Checking it out
  14. Surnames in the DIC are Arial, 8, bold by default and output correctly for me..
  15. Hello Jim Yes this worked thanks. I now have another problem. I reset the fonts and colours. I wanted surname in Bold and I set that in the fonts and clours. All the rest of document I checked and they were "regular.". I saved the settings but I cannot get surname bold back in reports Have you any ideas, please?. I checked this four times.I notice there are several options for bold. I use Arial. One is narrow etc kind regards
  16. The first thing to do is to click [Reset Defaults] for the report and try it. If that works, rebuild the options for the report. You can make a note of the options that you used for the report before resetting to default so that it's easier to get back to where you started.
  17. Sorry, have version 7. My typesetter is having trouble with my charts fitting.I give him a Word copies for each family. He won't give me a margin suggestion. I looked at "options" again to see what I could do. Messed around with index (didn't need it) Now when I create a chart it doest collect data for that family but in the right-hand corner, it starts counting " Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000 (haven't got this number of people) and knew I had done something wrong. How do I enable indexes, please? I unticked everything in but it is still happening. Can't stop it and have to close the programme. Your assistance appreciated. Going to print asap and I am completing charts. Just checked another project and although index filled in as per default (I think) it still counts" Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000+ . Must be something else. Thank you. I hope someone can help. I am in a lather. Regards
  18. DIC report [Options] / Miscellaneous tab / select 'Suppress details for living people'
  19. When I started this research back in version 2 privacy was not an issue and I was provided with full personal details such as DOB. Things have changed. I haven't been asked to hide these details by anyone, but I want to and the book is in the process of being printed. It is for family only but talking about 10,000 people. I have regular newsletters I send out but still, no one has asked me. Is it too late now? I do not want to change my whole database unless it is reversible. Cheers
  20. Source Report

    About 60% of the people in my project have at least one non-Primary Name Tag. If a Citation is not attached to the Tag (including the Primary Name), how are you or anyone able to determine where it came from and how accurate it is? Lee
  21. I don't think there is a way to print a Flag value on a chart. A Flag's value can be inferred however, by using it to display the person's in a certain way through Accents. Lee
  22. TMG v9 problems

    Folders are always marked read-only. When you open a folder properties and unselect read-only, the files contained will be marked read-write. I'll make a GEDCOM for you if you send me your project or a project backup. If the backup is too large to email, you'll need to upload the project so that I can download it. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  23. TMG v9 problems

    I've bought another software (Legacy 9.0) and to import my TMG9 project data I need a "good" GED file. I can't get TMG9 to export a decent one because of the issues I am having. In trying to get TMG9 working enough I I went to the folders/files that the error message said was "read-only." I then changed the properties of those folders to undo the read only and selected "apply" but when I reopened the folder it still said "read-only". Importing the GED file I did created ended up giving me all the names but no relationships, so I'm anxious to get something that incorporates all the correct information. Any ideas further?
  24. TMG v9 problems

    You never need to close Windows to end a TMG process that won't close. You open the Task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select the TMG process, and click [End task]. These kinds of issues are not uncommon. Maybe it's time to consider moving on from TMG.
  25. TMG v9 problems

    I unselected ready only and I was able to start TMG and backup the project but after backup finished I got a message about a read only file. Now I can't close it without closing windows. My data from this morning is still in the project.
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