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  2. Hi Oliver, Sorry I did not see your question earlier on the TMG list. That was the better place to post, and I have answered there. Since Wholly Genes ceased monitoring this list in 2014 few users post here and only a few of us users still try to answer questions here. Most posts here focus on system problems actually trying to run TMG.
  3. I have used https://familychartmasters.com/ a few times and gotten good results. Lee
  4. I use TMG 9 and WORD for Windows (latest version) When I generate a narrative report and output it to Word, including the individual-linked photos, I get a perfect report, with all whistles and bells, footnotes etc., BUT the word output replaces ALL the pictures of a given individual by the first picture of that individual. So I get # duplicate pictures of the individual above his name. I guess it has maybe something to do with the version of Word, but I am not sure. Have you ever been confronted to this issue? And do you have an advice on how to solve this? Kind regards, and thank you for maintaining the spirit of TMG alive.
  5. TMG is Crashing - HELP Please

    Knock on wood, problem seems to be fixed. A temporary fix - for each time problem #1 occurred - was Ctrl/Shft/Esc and terminate Task Manager under Apps. A permanent(?) fix appears to have been upgrading MAC OS to Sonoma 14.1.1. Perhaps the update was a bug fix? WGH
  6. TMG is Crashing - HELP Please

    Hi All, My TMG 9.05.0000 appears to be breaking down. In the last week or so, I've been getting increasingly frequent error messages that freeze TMG. 1) when editing tags get "Error initializing the printer" at top and below "OpenCurPrinter: Wholly Genes PDF writer V4, port: NUL; drive...". After closing that message get new error message: at top "CreateOneFont(b)" and below that "Error creating font". 2) Added two new people this morning without a problem, but then, upon adding a third new person, got the following messgae after clicking to note the source : "The Master Genealogist has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I'm using Windows Home 2004 on a MacBook 2018 with Sonoma 14.1 via Parallels Desktop 19 emulation. HELP!!! I've been working on a project for 3+ years now without major issue & was hoping to have enough time left until HRE is fully implemented. Extremely grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance, Grady Houseknecht
  7. Retrieving Messages Query

    Jim - Thanks for your help! I had missed this setting option. Dan.
  8. Retrieving Messages Query

    Make sure that TMG's check for messages is disabled. Preferences / Program Options / Startup and Exit / Check for messages every ___ days / set to 0 (zero) I'd also set check for an update to 0 (zero) days.
  9. Hello - - Every time I start TMG, I get a pop-up screen that says "Query -- Retrieving Messages." The program then apparently searches somewhere for messages that may be pending. The search sometimes takes quite a while, and I cannot use the program for anything else until it completes the search. Since I'm sure it will never find any current messages, I would like to disable this prompt and the subsequent search. Anyone know how I might be able to do this? Thanks! Dan Mock
  10. I keep getting the error message - screenshot attached. It keeps reappearing and then TMG closes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it made no difference. Roz
  11. Printing visual chart to pdf

    I suspect that you need to use a printer driver other than the Win11 driver.
  12. Printing visual chart to pdf

    Terry, I tried following Robin’s steps and think they may have been written for an earlier version of Windows, as I am unable to replicate them in Win11. I searched online and found directions for changing printing preferences that involved creating a new form with customizable dimensions, but when I went back to print the chart to pdf the new, custom form was not listed ( I had saved it and it does appear when I go back into printer settings). Frustrating, as I remember working my way through this a few years back and remember the solution was getting to a point where I could edit the print to pdf dimensions to accommodate the actual chart dimensions, but can’t accomplish it now. Would be nice if Microsoft would just let you edit dimensions at the point of printing. I’m sure Ancestry Printing will work though. Ed
  13. Printing visual chart to pdf

    Thanks Terry, I’ll try Robin’s solution, and it’s nice to know about ancestryprinting as an alternative. Ed
  14. Printing visual chart to pdf

    Ed, You may find Robin Lamacraft's article on my website helpful. It's at https://tmg.reigelridge.com/Robin-saving.htm As an alternative, another user told me he used the printing service of https://ancestryprinting.com/ and was happy with the results. They can print directly from the VCF file.
  15. I posted about this in 2019 and I'm back again. I was able at that time to create a wide printable descendant chart and get it printed at a printing service. I've reviewed what worked as a solution at that time, but I've since changed laptops (was running a Mac with Parallels and am now on a Win11 machine). I've created a chart in TMG9 using its visual cart function. The problem last time was changing the settings in the Microsoft print to pdf printer so that it would print the entire chart as a single page pdf, reading the chart dimensions in TMG and then changing the pdf printer settings to accommodate that size page. All this so that I could take the chart to a printing service and have it printed as a wide chart. I've read online posts suggesting I could go to >printer settings>manage, but can't find any such option on my machine. Am I missing a simple solution? Ed Dunscombe
  16. PROBLEM SOLVED! In the Quicken Community, someone asked about the same problem I was having with Quicken and then said he found the solution on his own: RAV Endpoint Protection had been installed apparently having been bundled with another program. I remembered seeing a popup about RAV, so I went into Control Panel, checked my list of programs, and voila! There was RAV! So I installed it, and all is well. Whew!
  17. I restart my system every morning, and during the "problem period," I was experimenting with "shut down" versus "restart" frequently. This is getting more and more weird. Yesterday all was well...and today I'm back to not being able to add a person! Interestingly, I'm having an issue with four different programs, all of which suddenly worked yesterday and are having problems again today: My PIM syncing with my phone, WordPerfect (which starts up on the second try), Quicken (which saves on the second try) and TMG (for which I can't add a person but seem to be able to do everything else). What makes this more curious is that yesterday suddenly all was well...and today not! I wish I knew what to look for!
  18. Have you tried restarting your system?
  19. Suddenly when I attempt to add a person (wife, husband, etc.), I'm getting the following error message, which I hope I've typed correctly because I was unable to Print Screen! File access is denied: C:\users\jmadn\appdata\local\temp\tmg52342951\apfdef.dbf.94FRMAPSelector.MRUNAP It seems odd (to me, at least) that it appears that it's a "temp" file, but I don't know enough about this to pass judgment! Meanwhile, I'm stuck and unable to add new people. I optimized and validated with no errors. So...help! Judy Madnick
  20. .fpt error

    Charles, I have heard mentioned of a rare few cases where the specific filters "Is empty" and "Is not empty" do not work, as reported in my on-line list of remaining bugs in TMG9. I am not totally surprised that a different report will work with that filter as that seems common. If you care you might try the operator "Contains" in an Individual Detail report if you can think of something like the text "the" which they will all contain. P.S. I am still actively using TMG9 with SecondSite output.
  21. Missing Exhibit Files

    That's the name of the file. Check the folder where your exhibit files are stored. Of course, if it's missing, it won't be there.
  22. Missing Exhibit Files

    Hey Jim, I found and fixed 4 of the "Missing Exhibit Files" When I back up I now get 1 missing exhibit file. So in the log it is simply named "Project1.jpg" and image #268. I have tried to find it searching in TMG but was unable to do so. Any ideas on how to find/delete it? Thank ag ain. Mary
  23. Missing Exhibit Files

    I did a bit more digging and found it. I was actually looking for it in the Projects Folder but it is in the Backup folder both in the TNG v9 folder. thanks a bunch!! Problems found and soon to be solved! Mary
  24. Missing Exhibit Files

    The name of the file is 'Last VFI.log'. The filetype is .'log'. You can edit image files in the Exhibit Log. It is always better to use an external image editor rather than this built-in editor.
  25. Missing Exhibit Files

    Hi Jim, I did as instructed but when I look at the log I do not see a "Last VFI.log" file. I see file types of CDX, DBF and FPT but no VFI. BTW I have never used the exhibit edit feature. Just for my own curiosity/information what does the exhibit edit feature do and how do you access it? thanks....Mary
  26. Missing Exhibit Files

    Run File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity. Select 'Search for missing external exhibits'. Make sure that it has your exhibits folder selected. After VFI completes, exit TMG. Check the 'Last VFI.log' file in the project folder. That should identify the missing external exhibits. (If you've ever used the exhibit edit feature, the last version of the exhibits that were edited could be missing and that can be a permanent missing exhibits error that's of no real consequence.)
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