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  2. Problem TMG or SS

    You're welcome. It's easy to forget these steps if you don't use them for a while.
  3. Problem TMG or SS

    Thank you very much. I think I knew this at one time but I neglected this step this time. How stupid of me.
  4. Problem TMG or SS

    Yes. In Data > Database section, when you set the Database, if you have more than one Data Set Second Site asks you which one to use. I think you need to go back to that section in Second Site and re-set the Database. If you are using Selected Tags in that same screen you will need to reset them after you change the Database setting.
  5. Problem TMG or SS

    Wait- is there a place in second site where it should be set to the unaligned dataset? It is set to the project that contains the two datasets "worden" and unaligned.
  6. Problem TMG or SS

    Yes it is set to the dataset 'unaligned' which is where I got the list of 1711 people with a tag of 'unaligned' set yes
  7. Problem TMG or SS

    Second Site will only recognize people in one Data Set. Which Data Set do you have it set to use? Is that the same one that you found 1711 people in?
  8. I am not sure if my problem is within TMG or SS. My project consists of two data sets. With only one dataset (Unaligned) opened a report using lists of people with the flag ‘unaligned’ and no for ‘living’ setting shows 1711 people. However, when I run Second site using people setting ‘include based on flag’ – unaligned and exclude living it only shows 284 people. I must be missing something but I cannot figure what. Can someone help?
  9. I know I have come to this party late, but I agree with Terry; though you might consider me an extreme lumper. I try to keep in mind that purpose of a citation is to record where the data came from AND so that other researchers can seek out that same data (there are always transcription errors); replicate the data as scientists would say. This requires two things; identification of the source (e.g. a specific book) and identifying where that source can be found (e.g a specific library). In the case of a census record, finding it these days (post soundex) is rather simple online, but it is necessary to know things like the year, state, county, page number, etc. I know that people have a variety of solutions to the lump-split problem, but I think it is important to keep in mind how the citation will be used by a reader. I am a big splitter, in that I generate an separate source for each household; which means that there could be two or more sources on an individual census page. I do this because I want to be able to go back and look at a specific bit of data, and not search through a collection of census records for a particular year,. I have modified the census source to include: head of household, location, record type, enumeration date], record info (page/sheet number and lines), page, microfilm film number, and the website I downloaded the census pager from (I always keep a jpg image of the census page or the repository where I found the microfilm. I also add occasional notes; such as the hand-writing was hard to read or relatives residing close to each other.
  10. Exporting Data to Excel

    That seems to be what is happening, one Excel file per TMG data table, I have found no way to link the data for an individual person from one table to another. So, I think exporting to MS Excel isn't the solution. I spent a little time yesterday importing the separate GEDCOM files (there are seven) into seven separate TMG projects on an old laptap. So, with the two laptops, I can now compare the data in the seven old databases to my existing TMG project, in order to identify which tags were imported into TMG from each of these old databases. I guess that will have to do, for the moment. Thanks for the help.
  11. Exporting Data to Excel

    If I recall, TMG exports one Excel file for each TMG data table; however, I hit an Open dialog error when I try it. Is doing that useful? Not that I can see.
  12. Does anyone understand the file structure that results when a TMG database is exported to Microsoft Excel? I have five or six old (1994-2008) databases that I had imported (from a GEDCOM file) into a program previous to TMG (Brothers Keeper 5.0), which was the data originally converted into my TMG database. Unfortunately, Brother's Keeper would keep a list of sources (like a bibliography) associated with each person, but did not associate those sources with specific events, as TMG does. Over the last couple of decades I have been slowly updating my TMG database to include those event-specific citations for those sources (e.g., sourcing a birth date), so that each of those original people have all events sourced. This is fine for sources that are books, etc, but in order to link a specific database source to a specific event I have to be able to look at the original database to identify just which events were included. I can do that do some extent, as I still have those files in a TMG database (I first imported the original GEMCOM into a separate TMG project, which included a list of sources per individual, and then imported that TMG project into my current TMG database; there was some duplication, but not bad), on an old laptop. But, it is a rather rare event when I have both laptops at the time I want to work on the data. I have gotten some of that data, a bit at a time, by generating Family Group Sheets and saving those in MS Word files. But that is pretty tedious. It occurred to me to export the entire database, which worked. But, instead of a single Excel file, I got several, and I don't really understand how they would be useful. There is data, but I can't connect it to any individual person, or even make sense of it. So maybe there is another way. I see that I can also export to Lotus, which - if I remember right - is an old database program. I am wondering if I could then export to Lotus, and then import that file in to MS Access, which I have. I did generate the Lotus files, but had the same result of multiple files. Also, I couldn't get MS Access to open any of the files. I need to be able, in some way, to compare the data in the original database, to the data in my current TMG database, in order to source individual events; and do that in a way that requires the use of only one computer. I have those old databases in their original GEDCOM files, and a separate TMG project. All I have to be able to do is to identify what events were sourced by that original database. I would appreciate all ideas and suggestions; it wouldn't surprise me to learn I am going about this the hardest way possible. That's a tradition in my famly.
  13. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Thanks, Michael. It's passed for the moment, but if it recurs I'll follow your advice.
  14. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Might be enough, but for some people that did not work. Many seemed to need to force the presence of at least two or three valid entries to prevent the bug from reoccuring. And you can do that by just going to a couple of people by ID without clearing the history. Seems simpler.
  15. Why not just clear the view history?
  16. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Terry, This is one of the known remaining bugs. See: https://mjh-nm.net/BUGS.HTML#B89 That includes details and workaround. Michael
  17. This «navigation» issue also happens in my project from time to time. It is a a kind of unreproduceable bug. I never found out the situation that causes this unexpected jump to a different person. Luckily, the changes made to the original person are not lost after the jump. The only point I noticed is that the person appearing after the jump has the the same first as well as family name. Max
  18. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Thanks, Jim. I closed and re-opened and it seemed to fix it so far. But I'm pretty sure I did that a few days ago and it came back. If it does again I'll try the re-install.
  19. This is the "navigation" issue that was supposedly fixed many years ago. I don't have any ideas other than trying a clean install.
  20. I've found for the last few days that when I enter a Tag for the current focus person, when I close the Tag Entry Screen the focus shifts to a different person. It seems to be one person for a while, then a different one. Then in one case it didn't shift the focus, but when I tried to enter a new tag the ID# in the new Tag was that of the person it had been shifting to, not the person displayed as current focus person. Re-indexing hasn't helped. Is there a known fix for this?
  21. I am using TMG V9.05 on HP laptop windows 10 and Microsoft Word 2019.  When I create a relationship report, screen view is fine.  However when I try to save it to Microsoft word, the program indicates it has successfully completed the report but upon opening it in Microsoft word, I get an error reading "A table in this document has become corrupted." How can I fix this.  If I specify RTF, the report opens with all the data but not pictures.

    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram

      Please post in the TMG9 forum where this belongs.

      You must output to RTF. The Relationship Chart is a form-based report using tables and the tables output by TMG to a .DOC file are not supported when opened by Word 2019.

      I suspect that you need to refresh the images in Word; however, I'm not using Word and can't give you specific instructions.

      Update... The only way that I've been able to get the Relationship Chart to output with images is to output to a PDF file.

  22. Undesirable Reminder

    Thanks so much. Issue RESOLVED.
  23. Undesirable Reminder

    File / Preferences / Program Options / Data Entry / unselect 'Open Reminder window automatically'
  24. I am recently having a frequent "Reminder" message. When I click on a previously-created "Residence" record (this record has an "*" indicating it is "primary"), I get a newly-occurring window "Reminder - The place of residence. Use Address instead for a mailing address." This is an undesirable reminder. I can click on the upper corner "X" to close this window; however, the next time I open this "Residence" record, I continue to get the same "Reminder." How do I stop this undesirable "Reminder?" Thanks.
  25. Backup Recovery

    Please close. Issue RESOLVED.
  26. Backup Recovery

    Thanks for your patience, Jim. Stay safe. I tried to be diligent; but, your point is made: check/re-check.
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