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  2. Probable corrupted project

    Many thanks to Jim Byram, from David Allen and me. Jim has repaired David's project and it is now working well. John
  3. I wish to set up a flag to help research the 1950 Census when it made available. I think I can find some of the Enumeration Districts using One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse I am thinking something like this for the Flag 1950 Census Candidates N - Died before 1940, born after 1940 or other exclusion criteria Y - Could be E - Enumeration district found for 1950 4 - Have 1940 Census Record 5 - Found 1950 Census Record Note I have a tag for 1940 Census. My problem today is I don't see a way to create the list of candidates in Project Explorer that is the Y's
  4. Probable corrupted project

    Thanks very much, Jim. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  5. Probable corrupted project

    John, Saw your post on the mail list earlier. The description sounds like real-time corruption by a cloud, backup or antivirus/anti-malware program. I'll write David to request the current project to examine. Jim
  6. Making exhibits primary

    Please cancel. I apparently achieved what I wanted even though the Primary option was grayed out. I don't know why it worked, but it did. Doris
  7. The option to make a particular exhibit primary is grayed out in the Exhibit Log. Interestingly, in at least one case, the exhibit I want to be primary is the one that shows on the TMG person page. A different one shows in Second Site, Suggestions, please? Doris Wheeler
  8. I am posting on behalf of a correspondent, a long-time TMG user (name and contact info below). He has tried repeatedly to subscribe to the Forum but has been unable to do so. He writes: "When I attempt to open my main project a message window appears with the message “[name of project].PJC does not appear to be a valid PJC file". The project will not open. I can restore a backup but when I exit the restored project and try to reopen I see the same message. Is there a way to repair the corrupted project?" My understanding is that this is on Win 7, TMG version 9.04 [which I think has been updated very recently to 9.05 but with no change in behaviour as far as I know]. Basically the same question was posted to the TMG mailing list a week ago, but nothing useful has appeared in response. I know that a standard question will be: are there any cloud programs running which may be monitoring the TMG project files? There are no cloud backup programs on the system, as such, but Dropbox is on the machine. Details on whether there is any possible 'collision' between folders monitored by Dropbox and the TMG files are still being looked into. The TMG problem has only appeared very recently. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Any direct messages could be sent to David Allen <davidg.allen@ns.sympatico.ca>, or to me, or we should both be able to read any responses on the Forum. Thanks, John Cordes
  9. Can't find missing exhibits

    To what are the exhibits linked? Citations? Use the appropriate list report to make a list of the items that the exhibits are linked to. Then open each and check the exhibit.
  10. Can't find missing exhibits

    Carl, I would just find the 1850 census online and download/attach them again. That's probably a quicker solution. Doris
  11. Can't find missing exhibits

    Thanks, Jim, that was log I was looking for. I had forgotten where it was located. However, in this case it still doesn't give me the information that I need. It simply says: "23-11-2019, 17:05:25 !>C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg not found. 23-11-2019, 17:05:25 !>C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg not found." This only tells me name of the missing file, which I already knew, not who or what file was formerly attached to. I've checked all the obvious places, like Sarah and her husband, their births and deaths, and children, etc., and I can't find exactly where the incorrect reference to this non-existent file is located. I remember in the past when I had this problem, it was relatively easy to pin down but not this time. I also know when this problem started. I renamed "Sarah Smith 1850 Census" to "1850 U.S. Census Sarah Smith" in order to be consistent with my naming of other census files. I then re-referenced the logical people and events to refer to this renamed file and deleted the references to the old file name. I obviously missed two that need to be deleted, but where oh where are they? ;-) Any further ideas? Carl
  12. Can't find missing exhibits

    Check the 'Last VFI.log' in the folder with the project files.
  13. When I run VFI it reports "2 exhibits not found." It seems in the past when I had this problem, I could find the persons associated with the missing exhibits by running John Cardinal's TMG Utility. But TMGU now reports no missing exhibits. I also thought I recalled that TMG itself kept a log of these things, but I can't find it. The Last Backup Log only tells me the numbers of the missing exhibits, not which person's they were attached to: image >291 - C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg image >292 - C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg So, how to I find where these exhibits are actually missing in the my database? Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give me. Carl
  14. You're right, I got Gene Stark mixed up with John Cardinal. Mea Stupidity. Thanks for pointing out the gaffe. I'm going to edit that post to give John proper credit.
  15. Roman Names: praenomen, gensnomen, cogomen

    Alan, TMG Utility and Second Site are written by John Cardinal. Gene Stark wrote GED2HTML, a program to make a very basic website from a GEDCOM file. So far as I know he's never written anything specific to TMG.
  16. Thank you Michael! Luckily I had already been storing the long Roman name combinations (as well as some of "The Lame" and "The Hairy" Frankish kings !!!) all in the given name field. So I used John Cardinal's TMG Utility to change all the blank and "?" surnames to the double exclusion chars, "--". This has had the effect of resolving all of the messy formatting problems I was having in some of the reports - to wit, by removing the glut of "?" wherever surnames were not known. In my long winded post I completely forgot to say that some of the formatting issues were occurring when I used John Cardinal's Second Site utility to generate my website. There were too many question marks in the name fields for the person web pages. Your advice to use the exclusion chars fixed that too. BTW Second Site also has an option to show/suppress excluded data. As you pointed out in your book, the single char exclusion flag "-" can be overridden by TMG and Second Site settings to turn the excluded data on or off. It's great to know that there are options for handling these things, but I think that for now, especially in the case of those Roman names, I'll be using the double exclusion char exclusively. Thanks again for the advice, and thanks for posting that how-to book. Since TMG development was ended, it's encouraging to see so many people like you and John Cardinal continuing to support the program. Keep up the good work! Have a good one, Alan Mintaka
  17. Roman Names: praenomen, gensnomen, cogomen

    Hi Ron, There are many different ways to deal with this, including use of TMG Name Styles. Each will probably have advantages and disadvantages. You might find it useful to read the "Names" section of the Data Entry chapter of my on-line book: https://www.mjh-nm.net/DATENTRY.HTML#Names It discusses various customized ways to enter names in TMG. Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  18. Hello Everyone, I've just run into a bunch of Roman individuals and am in a bit of a fog when it comes data entry in TMG9. Here's an example of one of the names: Gaius Julius Caesar In Roman parlance, Gaius is the given name or praenomen. Julius is the gensnomen (family) name Caesar is the cognomen (physical trait, as in "Hairy" for Caesar. I can't make this up). The question is, how should a name like this be stored in TMG? It sounds like the name should be given: Gaius surname: Julius suffix: Caesar Putting "Caesar" in the name suffix would read well in the individual's page in TMG and reports, but it won't contribute much to any kind of sorting order. On the other hand, Gaius (given) Julius (surname) would be sorted by "Julius, Gaius". That's not exactly useful from a search perspective either. So I've though about using the "sort given" and "sort surname" fields this way: sortgiven: Gaius Julius sortsurname: Caesar Now this sort order would make searches a lot easier. The name would sort as "Caesar, Gaius Julius" Caesar as surname is not technically correct, however. But does this really matter? In a report with surname caps, the name would read: Gaius Julius CAESAR. That's not technically correct either. So I could turn off the surname caps, but then all the other surnames in the database would be reported in mixed case. I don't really want this. Whatever, those are the various things I've been considering when it comes to data entry of Roman names in TMG9. Anyone else run into a situation like this? How did you handle the name formats? Lastly: as it turns out, I picked a relatively easy example in Gaius Julius Caesar. What if there are more than three names, as is actually the case most of the time? Which name is which? Here's a example of a Roman who's actually in my database: Amnius Manius Caesonius Nicomachus Ancius Paulinis (Honorius?) How do these names get assigned to praenomen, gensnomen, cognomen? What goes where in the TMG9 in the given, surname, suffix, sort name fields? This guy's father and son don't give a clue - only their given names match, so where are the gensnomen (family) names? And what to do about the (Honorius?) suffix? Any ideas on how to store Roman names "like this" in TMG? Thanks for your time, Ron Niquette
  19. How do I stop filtering out non-primary tags?

    Thank you so much for your help Jim! Problem solved. I still have no idea how the filter switched itself on! At least I know how to deal with it if it re-occurs. Ernest
  20. How do I stop filtering out non-primary tags?

    In the Tag Box, right-click and clear the 'Primary events' filter under the Filter for... selections. You could also deal with this using the Tag Box options in Preferences.
  21. Can anyone help? I have somehow turned on a filter that hides all non-primary tags. I have no idea how it happened. I had just entered some passenger manifest information, and those entries are now invisible, as are all my non-primary entries. When I go to the Edit function, the drop-down list option to turn off filters is greyed out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Ernest Wiltshire
  22. Error Message re Makespeed

    Thank you Michael. That is very wise. I think you are right. Very best wishes, John
  23. Error Message re Makespeed

    I searched the TMG-l list for an error labeled MAKESPEED. There are (only) two mentions as far back as TMG version 7 in both 2009 and 2012 of individual users getting this error, but only when running the Performance Recommendations. My memory of user comments are that very few users have ever run the Performance Recommendations. I "suspect" (though I have no actual knowledge of the code) that this is likely a very old Windows operating system call available in a version of Windows prior to 2009 which could do some speed checking. If so, that Windows call probably no longer exists in the form still being used by TMG. If the only time you get this error is with Performance Recommendations and are having no other issues, I would simply stop running that TMG routine as it is only informative. If Optimize and Validate File Integrity work, then you should be fine.
  24. Error Message re Makespeed

    Jim ... tried this, did the repair, same result ... so that mystery remains. I cannot detect any issues with the running of the program after I have pressed "Ignore" about 8 times. So, as long as I don't need to carry out the "Performance Recommendations", I guess I shall just ignore it all - turn to the East, bury a steak in the garden, cross the fingers, close my eyes and count to 10 - and pray it just isn't there ! Thanks ... and I appreciate your assistance. John Snelson
  25. Error Message re Makespeed

    Error messages are dynamic and are only meaningful to the developers. I've never seen this one. Run the TMG v9.05 UK installer and select [Repair]. That will fix any missing or damaged program components.
  26. Error Message re Makespeed

    Thanks Jim, I am getting the same error when I use the Sample Projects (both the UK one and the USA one) and other projects, so I don't think the problem lies in the data, rather that it is in the TMG program files or possibly some of the parameters around processing, such as stack overflow or a missing dbf or something like that. Nevertheless, I tried your suggestion and got the same result (attached). It's a mystery. Is there a list of possible error messages and solutions somewhere ? john
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