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  2. Remove Indviduals from Project

    Haven't had the nerve to MOVE my 474 'people' yet. Just want to be sure that I have the correct folks. It might help if I could capture the FILTER PROGRESS SCREEN that briefly appears following the activation of the FILTER. Would be handy to know who I have added to the list, spouses, ancestors, etc. Is there a setting that would lengthen the time the FILTER PROGRESS SCREEN is available on screen? Thanks! Nancy
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  4. Remove Indviduals from Project

    You're welcome, Nancy. "Move" isn't exactly an obvious way to delete people. "Delete" would seem to be the way to do that, but as you know you can't delete people until you remove their connections to others. So it turns out "Move" is a way around that when you are talking about a number of people.
  5. Remove Indviduals from Project

    Terry and Michael, Thanks to both of you for answering my request. Yes I have already moved 474 'people' to a new PROJECT, not interested in retaining custom settings, etc in that PROJECT. The goal now is just to remove the 473 from my main project and not renumber the remaining records in the main project. To create the group of 473 I use a FLAG=Y. My main problem is how to remove the 474 from my MAIN PROJECT. And yes I did BACKUP the original PROJECT. Makes me really nervous to mess around with my database, I am very unsure of what I am doing, although I am a long time TMG user. Can't imagine why I did not think of MOVE as a solution to my problem. Appreciate your help. Nancy
  6. Remove Indviduals from Project

    Terry is absolutely correct. Both my and his way will work, but his is simpler.
  7. Remove Indviduals from Project

    Michael has told you how to move the people to a new Project. But I thought you have already done that and now just want to remove them from the original Project. If that is you question, the easiest way to do that is to Move them (Edit > Move Person(s) command) to a new Data Set you create in the Project. Once all of them are moved, delete the new Data Set.
  8. Remove Indviduals from Project

    How did you create a separate Project of this group of individuals? Did you use a Flag (e.g. FLAGNAME='Y') for a Filter and the Secondary Output of a report to create the separate Project? If so, you can do the reverse using a reverse filter (e.g. FLAGNAME='N') and the Secondary Output, BUT... As I mention in my on-line book in the section Project Files with Customizations, to retain all your customizations of your main project you must do this in steps. If you simply create a new "Project" you will lose your customizations and create a new Project using the standard TMG defaults of any new Project. However, if you create a new "Dataset" within an existing Project, that new Dataset will retain the customizations of that Project. As with any major action to a Project always do a backup first. Then do the following steps: Create a new "Dataset" within your main Project using the Secondary Output with a filter which selects everyone except the large group of individuals you removed (e.g. FLAGNAME='N'). Assuming you are starting with only one Dataset this will create a new Dataset numbered "2". Now use the Dataset Manager feature on the main TMG File menu and Delete the original main Dataset, which should still be the Dataset numbered "1". (This is safe because you did do the backup first, right?) Accept the suggestion to Optimize the Project. Finally use the Dataset Manager to renumber the remaining smaller Dataset which is still numbered "2" to Dataset numbered "1". To finish, run the Optimize / Validate / Optimize routines and make a new backup of this new smaller Project. Your Project will now retain your customizatons, and the original ID numbers for individuals, but only have everyone except your group of separated people, and thus have gaps in your ID numbers. If you wish to use these now unused ID numbers when you add new people, use the F2 keyboard function key as described in my book here. Hope this is what you desire, Michael
  9. Need help removing a large group of Individuals from my main TMG project. I have created a separate Project for this group but they still remain in my original Project and I wish to remove them. Sure it must be something simple I am missing.
  10. Missing Exhibits

    thank you very much for your help. I just emailed you the two files you requested along with all the needed information. R.
  11. Missing Exhibits

    Ralph, I can remove those four records from your exhibits table if you wish. I need the name of the linked persons and the path of the four exhibits in order to locate them. You would need to send me the __I.dbf and the __I.fpt files (letter eye). You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
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  13. Missing Exhibits

    The third person, Charles Yost, is my grandfather. Here are the exhibit pictures for him: http://www.theyosts.net/genealogy/Schreiner/p2.htm#i34 here is where TMG is currently pointing to those exhibit files IMAGE ************************ External image file Full name: c:\Genealogy\YOST\JacobJostSr_Momper\BarbaraMomper\MathiasJost\JohannJost_Willet\FrankYost_Nye\CharlesAYost\CharlesYost.jpg 6,516 bytes, 27 Dec 2004 19:25:46 Format 238x303x24 JPEG File Interchange Format with YUV 4:1:1 color space. IMAGE ************************ External image file Full name: c:\Genealogy\YOST\JacobJostSr_Momper\BarbaraMomper\MathiasJost\JohannJost_Willet\FrankYost_Nye\CharlesAYost\Charles&JamesYosJul3,1932.jpg 53,699 bytes, 02 Dec 2009 20:16:42 Format 576x800x24 Exif file containing a JPEG compressed image and YUV 4:1:1 color space. All of these exhibit files are being processed correctly except that TMG thinks there are others with a bad file location specified. I am not telling TMG to look at the two locations that come up as errors: image >8 - C:\Documents and Settings\ralphyost.RALPH\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\CharlesYost.jpgimage >12 - C:\Documents and Settings\ralphyost.RALPH\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\Charles&JamesYosJul3,1932.jpg thanks for your help, R.
  14. Missing Exhibits

    Here are the two people with these exhibit location errors (my mother and father): http://www.theyosts.net/genealogy/Schreiner/p8.htm#i222 http://www.theyosts.net/genealogy/Schreiner/p10.htm#i300 The two exhibit pictures of James Yost are located here: IMAGE ************************ External image file Full name: c:\Genealogy\YOST\JacobJostSr_Momper\BarbaraMomper\MathiasJost\JohannJost_Willet\FrankYost_Nye\CharlesAYost\JamesCYost_Accardi\JimYostAug21,2014.jpg 18,957 bytes, 08 Sep 2018 13:26:48 Format 180x254x24 Exif file containing a JPEG compressed image and YUV 4:1:1 color space. IMAGE ************************ External image file Full name: C:\Genealogy\YOST\JacobJostSr_Momper\BarbaraMomper\MathiasJost\JohannJost_Willet\FrankYost_Nye\CharlesAYost\JamesCYost_Accardi\YostFamilyPortraitAug21,2014.jpg 56,496 bytes, 08 Sep 2018 13:25:48 Format 640x960x24 JPEG File Interchange Format with YUV 4:1:1 color space. The exhibit file for Lorraine Barbara Accardi Yost is located here (same folder as James Yost): IMAGE ************************ External image file Full name: C:\Genealogy\YOST\JacobJostSr_Momper\BarbaraMomper\MathiasJost\JohannJost_Willet\FrankYost_Nye\CharlesAYost\JamesCYost_Accardi\LorraineBAccardiYost.jpg 8,256 bytes, 16 Apr 2006 20:45:26 Format 120x195x24 JPEG File Interchange Format with YUV 4:1:1 color space. I do not have any exhibits in TMG calling for the ones showing up in the error logs........hence my question. thanks R.
  15. Missing Exhibits

    Hi Jim I agree. But my problem is that the files it is looking for in those locations do not exist there. And in TMG, when I look at the path of the exhibit files for JamesYost, (and the others) there are no exhibits pointing to those file locations. I am not currently using a file named JamesCYost.jpg for example. Somehow TMG has these erroneous paths and keeps trying to use them.
  16. Missing Exhibits

    You see how the paths differ? C:\Documents and Settings\ralphyost.RALPH\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\ c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Yost\ Exhibits should never be located in the program folder. Move any exhibits in the program folder to the TMG exhibits folder. Then use the external exhibits feature of Validate File Integrity to update the exhibit paths.
  17. Missing Exhibits

    Just moved TMG v9 to a new computer. All seemed to be OK. When backing up TMG v9, I am now seeing that 4 external exhibits are not found. Checked the backup log file then went to each instance of the exhibit file. Ensured that each exhibit file was properly pointing to the JPG file. Still got these 5 errors. Went back and tried to LOAD the exhibit files again. Still get the error. Finally I went into each of the file instances and DELETED each reference to the exhibit file, then redid them from scratch. STILL getting these errors . My exhibit files are not stored in a single Exhibits folder as TMG wants. Instead, I have folders for each of the people in my data base where I store the pictures I use as exhibit files. I downloaded the TMG utility and used it to look at this but have not used it to actually FIX anything. NOT sure how to do that. Here is the top part of my backup log file that shows the errors: 04-12-2018, 10:39:30 * TMG v 9.05.0000 ******************************************************************************** 04-12-2018, 10:39:30 >OS - Windows 6.02, 6 04-12-2018, 10:39:31 >Backup file - C:\Genealogy\Backup\Projects\SchreinerFamily 2018-12-04 10-39-29.sqz ********************* * Missed Exhibits * ********************* image >8 - C:\Documents and Settings\ralphyost.RALPH\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\CharlesYost.jpg image >12 - C:\Documents and Settings\ralphyost.RALPH\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\Charles&JamesYosJul3,1932.jpg image >9 - c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Yost\LorraineBAccardiYost.jpg image >13 - c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Yost\JamesCYost.jpg ******************************************** * Not found 4 exhibit files. I greatly appreciate your help ! thanks R.
  18. ahnentafel reports freeze

    After disabling OneDrive, you should move your data out of the OneDrive folder.
  19. If the Census tag has one principal, it will be imported as an individual fact. If the Census tag has two principals and they are married or the parents of one or more children, it will be imported as a family fact. That's correct. Since the US Census only has one head of household, all of my TMG census events have only one principal and they were all imported to RootsMagic as individual facts with the other individuals linked to the events as witnesses.
  20. I'm exploring Rootsmagic as an alternative to TMG but find that some census tags end up as census family tags in Rootsmagic. Is there any way to tweak my TMG data to stop this?
  21. ahnentafel reports freeze

    It only happens when I want to include sources... I have tried about every iteration I can for the sources... end notes, footnotes, embedded, etc... and freezes for people who have a lot of ancestors and not for those with few. I also wonder if this also has to do with the one drive issue I am having. I wish I had disabled one drive when I got the computer but I didn't know better... now I have hundreds of files in documents and pictures under one drive and I don't really know how to get them moved to the computer only.
  22. Backup problem

    Even TMG itself is saved under OneDrive. my TMG project is saved under one drive. i had no idea this was even happening until today. I hate windows 10!
  23. ahnentafel reports freeze

    That suggests that one or more people have some data issue that is blocking report output.
  24. Validate File Integrity has a feature to update the exhibit paths if the exhibit folder has been relocated.
  25. Backup problem

    Open the OneDrive settings and disable it. Unselect the option to run OneDrive at startup. On a different tab, remove any files/folders that it's set to sync. Any cloud sync/backup utility can corrupt your TMG database and should not be allowed to act on any of your TMG user folders. Your TMG database should never be located in a cloud utility folder such as the OneDrive or Dropbox folders. And as you found, you weren't backing up to the TMG user backup folder.
  26. Backup problem

    Arrgghh One Drive saves everything in windows 10 I am finding out... having trouble figuring out how to make all the documents, pics, etc... save to just the PC and not one drive!!!
  27. Backup problem

    THanks Doris, When I ran the backup and deleted the words"onedrive" in the destination folder, it seemed to work. The thing is, one drive seems to have come with this new computer, I didn't ask for it, nor want it. I have carbonite. How do I get rid of one drive without messing up anything?
  28. Backup problem

    OneDrive, or any automatic backup, seems to be a major problem for many of us. If it runs while our files are open, they can be corrupted. Doris
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