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  2. Exhibit Issue

    Thanks for your help. Went back and started over with the whole thing. This time when I used the Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature I got sidetracked and let it run even when it looked like it froze TMG. And it worked! Sorry to waste your time but I think everything is OK. Jack
  3. Exhibit Issue

    In that case, I'd try to fix the paths using TMG Utility. https://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/
  4. Exhibit Issue

    "Your description sounds like the exhibit paths are still pointing to drive E" That is exactly what they are doing. I used the Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature but it froze TMG 9 every time I tried it. My Exhibits folder has a lot of subfolders. There was a feature to check for this but that too froze TMG9.
  5. Exhibit Issue

    Did you use Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature to update the exhibit paths? Your description sounds like the exhibit paths are still pointing to drive E.
  6. Exhibit Issue

    I am migrating from Desktop where TMG 9 was located on the E drive. The C drive was small and used primarily for the operating system. The new laptop only has a C drive. Everything went over fine except all my exhibits. They are all showing up as frowny faces (missing). The Properties Screen shows them all as being located on the old E drive not the new C drive hence all are listed as missing. I have checked all the preferences and they all point to the new C drive. I have run all the maintenance option including Validate File Integrity and checking the Search For Missing Exhibits box. Nothing does any good. In fact, that last option froze TMG. Kind of at lost on what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jack
  7. Answered my own question... I had the "Filter Primary" turned on... All is fine now
  8. I started having some issues with the Variation of a name, ie; Mary Harrison, Var: Mary Rynerson. I can see this variation in the Search and on the Reports, but it is not showing on her Details. Any thoughts? I have run all maintenance. I did not see the change, so I added 2 more times before I looked, now she is showing 3x in the search but not in the details.
  9. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    An update: Now I find that I have a fourth "mystery exhibit" that says it's not linked but when I look it is actually linked. This is a person who I was working on recently, and I just placed the exhibit, which was linked solely to her Person page and nowhere else. It's a photo of her tombstone. It is still in the Image window and when clicked on it comes up to full size, but Last VFI lists the exhibit as missing: 05-12-2021, 18:15:24 !>C:\Users\CJD\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\DC Lina Linke.png not found. Something appears serious wrong here. Carl
  10. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    Thanks, Jim and Michael. I've now tried to focus on all the possibilities and paged through all the exhibits and none of them indicate that they are not properly linked. I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that there is some corruption in my database. I had a problem with that a number of years ago and cleaned everything up at that time, and all has been good since then until now. Not sure what's going on. Any further suggestions welcome. -- Carl
  11. I removed Avarinah as Marianna's mother, and linked Marianna to her correct mother, and that removed all references between Evan and Avarinah. I was a little too focused on the relationship of the adults that I ignored the daughter being linked wrong. Thanks.
  12. As I suggested before, the marriage does not appear in any of the family or tree views. What shows up is the fact that they are recorded as parents of a child.
  13. Avarinah Lloyd (88) and Evan Parry (408) are shown as the parents of Marianna Parry (1458). That makes a family. One of the parents of Marianna Parry (1458) is incorrect?
  14. I've attached a series of screenshots to show the problem. Avarinah Lloyd was correctly married to Isaac I. Parry. The erroneous marriage is to Evan Parry. Note that the marriage does not show up in the Person tab for any of the 3 people involved, but is referenced and available in the Family and Tree tabs. The marriage also shows up on the Descendant Box Chart for Evan and Isaac's father.
  15. The Tree view doesn't actually show marriages. The Family view will show the date and place of a marriage event. Is that what you see? Otherwise, both the Family view and Tree view will show a "spouse" if they have children together.
  16. I checked all 3 person views before I posted, and none of them show the erroneous marriage, only the Family and Tree views and the reports. I have also executed the File Maintenance utilities to Reindex, Optimize and Validate the tables. I shut TMG down and restarted it, and the problem remains. It's as if the DELETE function failed/stopped part way through, and left a tag reference somewhere I - and the Person view - can't get to.
  17. Check the Person view of all three people involved.
  18. Somehow, one of my grandparents had a marriage tied to her husband AND to another person. I deleted the wrong marriage, and in the Person view, there is no marriage tag. However, in the Family and in the Tree tabs, and in reports, the marriage still shows up. What am I missing here?
  19. Beetle, The auto-relationship tag is not recalculated automatically, because of the time it would take to do that all the time. One way to do that is to go to Preferences>Current Project Option > Other and un-check the Automatic "Relation" Tag, click Apply, then re-check that box.
  20. Thank you. That worked, but the relationship to me still exists. Will that change at some point?
  21. Beetle, You do that by making his Mother and Father tag non-primary. To do that, make him the focus, select the Father tag at the top, and click the * button or the * keyboard key, and confirm. Repeat for the Mother tag. This will move those tags to the main Tag Box below. It will also keep him from showing in any TMG reports as their child, or them as his parents. TMG is at its heart a genealogy program, and does not provide any simple ways to deal well with adopted children.
  22. First of all, I have the auto relationship turned on to relate all back to me. When I originally entered a "cousin" TMG calculated that relationship. I have now found that that "cousin" was adopted by both "parents." How do I change that tag, and the tags of her descendants, to be "no blood relationship" so that she and her descendants do not show up on reports of those related to me?
  23. Windows 11

    Buzz, Refer to message Sept 25 from Bettle3247
  24. Windows 11

    Will TMG 9 run on Windows 11? Buzz
  25. Missing DLL

    Save the registration emails as text files and print them. Store the files and printouts in various locations so that you can always recover your registration information no matter what unforeseen disaster might occur.
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