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  2. Many thanks Terry. I incorrectly applied to the TMG downunder group and I am now trying to subscribe to the main one....which you suggested. I appreciate your help Bil
  3. According to the reports on the TMG list, this issue with Trend is not related to installation, but continues every time you use TMG. The user who first reported the issue says he is in conversation with Trend and they are working on the issue, but at last report have not fixed it. They say the issue is not just with TMG , but also impacts a few other programs. You may want to read the posts on the TMG list to understand what is going on. At least some of the posts have the subject "Trend Micro Security software interference". You can access the TMG List at https://tmg-l.groups.io/g/main
  4. Many thanks Terry and Jim....I really appreciate your help. I shall try and experiment with some of the possible applications that you have suggested. I do have Trend and it is possible that I need to close it down while I reinstall TMG. Anyway, thank you both so much for your suggestions Bil
  5. Adding Ancestors to Focus Group Question

    I checked the focus group tool on my installation and found no problems. You should select one person (different from the current person) and add that person to a empty focus group. Then select that person and test each of the functions one at a time. Test adding a spouse, adding ancestors, and adding descendants.
  6. Terry is right. A number of external applications (anti-virus, anti-malware, syncing, real-time-backup, etc.) have been found to interact with TMG and cause problems. This is a likely cause of your issue. You need to work through there applications and determine if you can resolve the problem.
  7. I'm afraid I can't help you with this issue, but you might find help if you post on the TMG list on IO groups. There has been discussion there on similar issues with Trend Micro Security software and TMG, among other programs.
  8. I have uninstalled TMG and then reinstalled it. At first it went ok but the next time I opened it it went really slow....like half and hour to open! Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  9. Hi. I just purchased a new computer (Windows 11) and I am having troubles installing TMG (gold v 9.05). I have all the data restored (I think!) but it takes nearly 30 minutes to download and open. It used to open almost straight away. Any thoughts on what I can do to solve this problem please?
  10. Adding Ancestors to Focus Group Question

    But, I selected "Ancestors" as well as "Spouses" and I got no ancestors of the individual selected.
  11. Adding Ancestors to Focus Group Question

    All operations are in relation to the names selected in the list. Spouses are only added for the selected name(s). If you want to add missing spouses for everyone in the list, select all and tick Spouses and then click [Add Others].
  12. OK, so I've read the Help topic on adding someone to the Focus group I'm creating, and on the right side of the Focus Group window there is a section to "Add Others." The Help topic said to select one individual that's already in the Focus Group and then select either "Ancestors" and/or "Descendants", and/or "Spouses" and how many generations to look through, and then click the "Add Others" button. I selected "Ancestors" and "Spouses" (250 generations) and clicked on the "Add Others" button. The only individual that was added was the spouse of the individual I selected to start with. What gives? Where am I going wrong?
  13. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Kirk, Great. Cleanup will take a while but it's worth the effort... places, fact sentences, etc. Jim
  14. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Jim, I got the TMG v9.05 installed and migrated my database. I then installed Family Historian 7 and imported my TMG data in. I had to do some cleanup on my "places" data to remove extra commas, but besides that, the import was complete. I must say that Family Historian 7 is a pleasure to use. I have used it for several hours and have not had the first hang-up or crash. It works very nicely. One of the best features that I like about FH7 is the ability to tag peoples faces in a photo. Thanks for your help. Kirk
  15. TMG to the Bitter End

    Thought I would add to this...I just upgraded to Windows 11 and was able to install TMG V9.05 without any trouble so far. A few minor things, but still hoping it will work until a better option comes along!!! I have not tried Second Site yet, but hope to reinstall it as well.
  16. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Got it..... Thanks for the tip. I was able to download the installer and will get it done in the next day or so.
  17. Unable to open TMG following data transfer

    After you do that, you need to fix the "Path" issues as described in my article at https://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm
  18. You need to do a clean install of TMG. See the second message in this topic.
  19. I recently purchased a new computer & had all the files from my old computer transferred by a tech at the computer store. The transfer wasn't without a few issues but all have been resolved. Unfortunately, today when I tried to open my TMG9, I received the following error message: "Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter19". Has anyone ever encountered this previously? Suggestions, please! Bill
  20. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    For RM... You should download the TMG v9.05 installer and install that. You have a 30-day trial period with full functionality. Import your TMG v4 data set. Afterwards be sure to run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize. You then import the v9 data set to RM from the imported TMG v9 project. TMG v9.05 installer... TMG v9.05 File / Import / (Simple Wizard selected) / [Next] / select the appropriate TMG v4 option (data set or backup) File / Maintenance / Optimize File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity btw... Internal exhibits are not imported. You can use John Cardinal's TMG Utility to convert internal exhibits to external exhibits. https://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/
  21. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Jim, I have tried all the compatibility modes and none of them work. I still have the computer with WIn95 (32-bit) and a working setup of TMG4.0 that I use. I noticed in the RootMagic 7, they recommend to direct import TMG v7.04 and v9.03. Maybe I can install a RootsMagic7 trial and see how the import goes. Do you know if it will import my TMG v4.0b files? Would it be better to migrate my V4.0b data to V7 or V9 before importing? Thanks
  22. Has anyone noted a difference in output of the Relationship Chart between the printed chart and the Quick-Key Relationship Calculator [Ctrl+R] when the Chart is generated from 32-bit installation and 64-bit installation. I did the Relationship Calculator on both 32-bit and 64-bit for a pair of persons and got four results in both cases: 5th cousin 2 times removed 8th cousin 5 times removed 22nd cousin 2 times removed 24th cousin When I generated a Relationship Chart on the 32-bit system, I got the closest relationship (the 5th cousin 2 times removed) as expected. But when I generated the same report on the 64-bit system, I got a mess. It appears to be a mix of the closest and most distant relationships. Is there a work-around for this 64-bit mess? Lee
  23. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Running TMG4 under Win10 is not a good idea even if it's possible. You might try the compatibility settings. Right-click on the TMG4 shortcut and click Properties and then the Compatibility tab. Under Compatibility Mode, start with Windows 95 and try that. If that works, try the next step up (Win98), and test. If that works, try the next step up and continue until you find the newest Windows version that works. Use that the compatibility mode for that Windows version. %%%%%%%%%% Do you have a TMG8 registration? If so, I can give you the installer. You can download the TMG v9.05 installer but that does you no good without a registration. I'd suggest moving to RootMagic 9 or Family Historian 7. I can help you with that.
  24. I am not sure if this forum is even active or not, but here goes. The only version of TMG I have is V4.0. I tried to download the V8, but the link does not work. A shame to see this software is not supported any longer. I have TMG 4.0 installed on my windows 10 computer, but when I run it, I get the message "A change has been made to CONFIG.FPW in order to accommodate TMG's support for international code pages.. You must restart TMG how in order for this update process to take effect. Thank You.". After restarting, I get the same message over and over. After a little research, I have figured out that this is the FOXPRO config file. How can I stop this message from coming up? Thanks. Kirk
  25. Hi Oliver, Sorry I did not see your question earlier on the TMG list. That was the better place to post, and I have answered there. Since Wholly Genes ceased monitoring this list in 2014 few users post here and only a few of us users still try to answer questions here. Most posts here focus on system problems actually trying to run TMG.
  26. I have used https://familychartmasters.com/ a few times and gotten good results. Lee
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