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  2. report printing

    Are you saying that when you have Report Destination: Screen Preview selected and click [Create Report], the report is not previewed? Running the installer and selecting [Repair] or uninstalling TMG to do a reinstall has absolutely no effect on your data. The installer scripts include nothing about where TMG saves its data and can't remove any data. Are you running Optimize / Validate File Integrity / Optimize on a regular basis (as you should be doing)?
  3. report printing

    I attempt to print a report and it instead saves it somewhere and I cannot locate it. It used to simply come on screen and then I could print it. There's got to be a simply way out of this issue. I thought I read once that reloading the program would clear it up but I worry that I'll lose more than 10 years of data saved so I've not gone that route.. Need some advice. John
  4. Add or Copy Language

    Lee, I can add German2 with no error. I'd guess that the maintenance routines do not work on the strings table. I suspect that TMG reindexes it when it changes and an external .DBF tool is required for real maintenance. If you want me to pack the .dbf and .fpt, send me the three strings files. Jim
  5. Playing with Languages somewhat related to recent discussions on TMG-L, I tried to [Add] a Custom Language. After entering the name of the new Language (German2) , I clicked [OK] and got the error message: Variable 'CGERMAN2' is not found. 42 FRMMODIFYLANG.MCOPY I clicked [Abort] and tried to [Copy] German and again entered the new Language name (German2) and got the error message: Variable 'CGERMAN2' is not found. 39 FRMMODIFYLANG.MCOPY This is following all the Maintenance routines which noted no problems. I tried the Maintenance routines (including Reindex) again and got the same thing. This is with a new installation of v9.05 on Win10 and with an Import of a v4x data set. Any ideas? Lee
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  7. Accents - Confusion

    Edit the flag in the Flags window. Window menu / select Flags to open the window You should use a custom layout that includes the Flags window if you're going to do this often. You only need one flag ("cleaned") with ?, N, Y values.
  8. Accents - Confusion

    Help! I haven't used the program in a while and I have forgot how to use accents. Example: I have "cleaned" and "uncleaned" to help me determine who are new people in my project who I need to confirm and "clean up." But I have forgotten how to change the value from N to Y on that person so that the color changes. Can you help! Anita Tally
  9. The entries come from the Master Place List. You need to Optimize, clean up the Master Place List and then Optimize again. After that, the Master Place List will contain only places linked to events and have no duplicates. If any remaining place appears to be a duplicate, edit the duplicates in the Master Place List and make sure that they are really identical (and have the same place style). Note - Cleaning up places in events does not remove the old places from the Master Place List. Optimize combines identical places and removes unlinked places.
  10. Is there a way to delete (or edit) the entries that are shown when I type F2 in a place field and see all of the entries I have ever made? Over the years I have made a number of careless mistakes when entering place names (for example, the list now includes not only Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, but also Springfield, Hampden, Connecticut and Springfield, Hampden, England). I have corrected these on the actual tag entries, and have also gone to the Master Source List and either deleted the erroneous entry or corrected it and then optimized the database so that the list has only a single entry for Springfield. However, through all of this the incorrect entries remain in the list of field values. If I could delete them it would reduce the time I now must spend making sure I select the accurate entry. Is there a way to do this?
  11. I get this issue quite frequently. Re-indexing and optimizing don't help. Usually, I can clear it by opening the name tag for the person it defaulted to, making a change to the name and changing it back again and closing the window. I then navigate to the person it is confused with and do the same. In most cases that fixes things. I understand that logically that should not change anything, but logically this shouldn't be happening either so I roll with what works. On the few cases where that does not resolve the issue (most often it seems when the error has not occurred as a result of adding like-named children), I renumber each of the people getting mixed up. Whichever way I get it cleared up, I then re-index and optimize. I have never noticed a random person in the list of recently viewed people when this error occurs, I have noticed that it does not roll over to the person I am attempting to move to, but assumed that was because I didn't actually get to that person.
  12. Changed Computer User Name

    Thank you. That is exactly what I needed. John
  13. Changed Computer User Name

    The default project path is under... File / Preferences / Program Options / General The default paths for the current project are under... File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced The exhibit paths are stored in the Exhibits table of the project. The external exhibits feature of File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity can be used to update the exhibit paths to a new path (or paths if you have an exhibit tree).
  14. I moved TMG to a new computer, and cannot figure out how to redirect TMG so that it can find folders for Exhibits, Backups, etc. The problem is that my User Name for the new computer is JohnK, while it was John for the previous computer, and JMK for one before that. TMG keeps looking for files under the old user names. I did run Validate File Integrity, and during that process inserted the correct link to the Exhibits file - but while TMG said it found a number of missing exhibits, it still tells me each time the program starts that it cannot find an exhibit file under the user name John. I am sure there is a simple way to give TMG the correct path, but I have not been able to find it and would appreciate anyone’s help. John Kuechle
  15. TMG9.05 keeps locking up

    This sort of issue is typically caused by a third-party application (real-time syncing or backup, anti-virus or anti-malware). If that's the case, reinstalling TMG probably won't help. No real-time syncing or backup application should be allowed to mess with the TMG project files. You might need to exclude TMG if an anti-virus or anti-malware application is responsible. Was any of these application types updated at the time when the problems started?
  16. Old email address required to validate

    No, there isn't. It's not used for anything except to validate the serial number. Just leave it. Well, actually there is. You can buy a new serial number for TMG9. :-)
  17. I haven't used TMG in many years and now have a new computer. I found the download of 8.08 which I have the license for and installed it on my new computer. I have the original email with all the required information and successfully activated it and can use the product with my old project. One problem - the email I had to give it was my old email that I no longer use. Is there any way to change that original email to my current one if I ever have to re-install the product? I have updated my email on this site.
  18. I am using TMGv9.05 with Windows 10/64 and they have been working fine ever since I upgraded from Win7 about 3-4 years ago. However, in recent weeks, TMG has been locking up, freezing to the point I can only use Task Mgr to close TMG & re-open, then it works ok for a while. In the past two hours, it has frozen 4 times. After it freezes & reboots, I always run Optimize & VFI. There does not seem to be any certain action that causes the freeze. It has locked when I was adding data, merging people, changing from one project to another, working in Master Place List, merging Sources in Master Source List, just a variety of tasks. Otherwise, TMG works well. Would it help if I re-installed TMG? Any other suggestions? Jim Slade
  19. GNIS location lookup in Win10/Parallels

    In TMG, to open the folder... Help menu / Access Folders / select 'User program data folder' / click [Open] The placeinfo.ini file is a text file and can be opened with Notepad. I've never used Parallels and had a dual boot system on the iMac using the BootCamp loader. Glenn Gilbert was the expert on Parallels but he isn't with us any longer.
  20. GNIS location lookup in Win10/Parallels

    For some reason, I do no have that .ini file in that folder and I can't find it in a search. I must have it somewhere because it pulls right up in the location box when I click customize. I was not able to open your file to see how you changed the URL. Didn't you used to use Parallels with TMG? I feel like I'm the only one in the world doing that. Robin
  21. Focus Groups

    Actually, like most things in TMG, Focus Groups aren’t stored in a single place. The Focus Group itself (the name and an assigned number within TMG) is stored in the “O” table as Terry mentioned. But to find the members of a Focus Group, you need to go to the “B” table. The “B” table lists the Focus Groups by group number and then each member by person number. But, note that “person number” is not necessarily the same as the Person ID#, so you need to refer to the “N” table to get the the name of the member . While you can read the various tables to find out about Focus Groups (or any other part of a TMG project), you really don’t want to make any changes in a database manager as a change to one table can affect many other tables. Any editing should only be done within TMG as Jim said. Lee
  22. Posts on the TMG list report forbidden using just about every browser.
  23. Any particular browser?
  24. Me too from the U.K. I'm using a VPN in the US to add this. Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. John
  25. Passed this on to Bob.
  26. Several people in countries other than US and Canada, i.e. UK, Norway, etc. are reporting on TMG-L that they cannot log onto the the WG site. They are getting a "Forbidden" message. Can Jim or Terry check this for them.
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