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  2. France Timeline

    I was informed that some of the anglicized French characters in my France2 Timeline were corrupted. So, I am attaching a new corrected version. I think this version corrects almost all the problem characters. Butm there may be a few left. We'll see. Lee France2 Timeline.zip
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  4. I have split of a number of subsets of my main project for sharing with other researchers or for temporary use. The usual way I do it is to create a Focus Group of the persons that should be included. I then create a List of People report based on the Focus Group and use the Secondary Output of the report to create a new data set. I the review the new data set to see if everyone is correctly included. I often find that a few others should be included and I just copy them from the older data set to the newer one. Lee
  5. I have some Name Styles that I want to delete, but if I delete the Style, the Default Style will be assigned and I want to be sure that the Default Style is correct. Is there any way to create a report (probably List of People or List of Names or “?”) that showed the Name Style of each person. This might be for all people/names (sorted by Name Style) or for a select few by filter.
  6. Sample project missing

    Thank you Jim. I knew it had to be something very simple to do
  7. Sample project missing

    The Sample project is in the TMG program folder. "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9\sample" You can copy the Sample folder from the program folder to the Projects folder in your TMG user data folder.
  8. TMG crashed for reasons unknown. I have checked and it's working fine, no issues, or corrupt files, no error messages. The only thing I have noticed is that the sample file box is greyed out, and when I checked the folder the project files are in, the folder is empty. I have downloaded and run the installation repair, but nothing happened I don't use or refer to the sample project very often, but I do every so often to check something or find out how to do something. Is anyone able to send me a copy I can put in there (I'm running the UK version, 9.05). Roz
  9. TMG to the Bitter End

    Backups were on a seperate drive. I wish I had kept that old drive as I had not thought of what you were suggesting in the registery. License came with the software which I ordered from a Genealogy group in Australia. So no email to retrieve. I tried the link, but my anti-virus was all over a trojan virus. I have found a version 8 or 7 disk with license code. I will just keep looking. Thank You for the reply. It is appreciated.
  10. France Timeline

    Back in March, I posted a new France Timeline. It only had 77 events and covered most of my French ancestry at that time. Since then, I have added a few generations further back. So, I wondered if I could find a few earlier events that might have bearing on my new ancestors. Low and behold, all I needed was to look in Wikipedia. Now, I have created a new France2 Timeline that now has 309 events going from the fourth century to the 21st century. I don’t know if I will ever find any French ancestors that far back, but if I do ,,,, I have attached the new Frances2 Timeline containing 309 events based on Wikipedia as a ZIP file of the timeline for those interested. Just download, unZip it, and place the three contained files in the TMG Timelines folder. I hope this helps. France2 Timeline.zip
  11. TMG to the Bitter End

    First, if your PC techs were able to retrieve your TMG backup files, maybe they can retrieve your old emails? Your license code would have been sent as an email and maybe that message can be found? As a much more difficult route maybe they can retrieve your Windows Registry? That contains your unlock code buried somewhere in it. As a last resort I believe you can still purchase a new V9 license from Harry Goegebeur.
  12. New Laptop Installation

    > My old laptop shows under Backup Data Wizard: > C:\Users\2390\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\MergedFamily_.PJC You can use a flash drive to copy the 'The Master Genealogist v9' folder from the Documents folder on your old machine to the Documents folder on the new laptop. When you run TMG on the new laptop, use File / Open to select your project. Be sure to check Preferences to be sure that the paths for the project on the new laptop are correct.
  13. TMG V8 won't stay available for updates

    You need to unlock TMG twice. 1) Unlock when running TMG normally (as a standard Windows user). 2) Unlock TMG when running as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Select [Yes] in the user Account Control prompt and enter your registration information to unlock. Exit TMG when done and run TMG normally after this.
  14. New Laptop Installation

    Join the former Rootweb list: TMG-L@groups.io There is a very active group there. This sort of problem seems to show up several times a month on the list. - Sally Houston
  15. New Laptop Installation

    Not sure this is very active anymore. I got a new laptop last June, for TMG. I had so many issues on the install, I quit, and it has been sitting here unused for 11 mos. Fastforward: my 5 yr old Dell is really wonky and on it's way out. Display keeps going black. I need to get my DB to a new machine. So today I am trying again. The old install shows as OS (C:)>Program Files(x86)> The Master Genealogist v9 and then all the folders show under that folder. Old machine I look under This PC> Users>2390> Documents> The Master Genealogist v9> my Backups and Exhibits, config files are all there. ___ My new laptop shows I go to This PC> Windows (C:)>Program Files (x86)> The Master Genealogist v9> all the folders are there and fine. If I look under This PC, I have to hit Windows(C;) first, then Users> 2390> Documents...it is completely empty. no Folders whatsoever. My old laptop shows under Backup Data Wizard: C:\Users\2390\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\MergedFamily_.PJC Suggestions?
  16. I have V8 of TMG that we copied from my old laptop to my new one a couple of years ago. Every since then I have had a problem with opening the program. It will work for two or three times of opening it, then it reverts to making me reenter my serial code to re-register it. Is there any way to fix this so I don't have to keep doing it? I know the program is old and no longer supported but I thought someone may have ran into this problem and knows how to fix it. I am in the process of looking to replace TMG even though I don't want to. Love this program. :-( Susan D. Slade Grossl sdsladegrossl1@outlook.com
  17. TMG to the Bitter End

    I think I have hit that bitter end. Hard Drive crashed. PC Techs were able to save TMG data from my backups. BUT I cannot locate the license code for my copy to unlock. Does anyone know of someone who is no longer using their copy of TMG v9? I would be will to consider purchasing. I have presiously posted message to support but never had a reply.
  18. OLE IDispatch exception code 20103

    This appears to be a problem with the TList7 control. In other words, this is a program issue, not a data issue. First try Control Panel / Programs and Features / The Master Genealogist v9 / Repair. If Repair doesn't work, then you should do a clean uninstall and reinstall. Uninstalling/reinstalling will not affect your data; however, I'd backup your data first as a precaution .
  19. I'm running TMG 9.05 on Windows 10. Recently I dis a backup of my project and then deleted it and restored to a version from previously in the day. Now I'm getting this message, and sometimes others as well: Red X OLE IDispatch exception code 20103 from TList7: Item not found.. 54 FRMEXPLORER.CNTPVIEW.CNTTREE.MUPDATE with buttons to Abort Retry Ignore If I ignore it then I get this Red X OLE error code 0x800a017d: Unknown COM status code. 55 FRMEXPLORER.CNTPVIEW.CNTTREE.MUPDATE with buttons to Abort Retry Ignore If I ignore it then I get the same error again but with 55, ignore again and I get 58 and then it goes away. Just previous to this I double clicked to go to another person. What causes this and how can I fix it? See attached trouble.txt. trouble.txt
  20. Spliting 1 TMG Data Base into 2

    Jim, I'd think very carefully about the pros and cons of splitting your database. As Sally Houston says, most TMG users discourage splitting for a whole variety of reasons. The most important (from my perspective) is that you don't need to. I have a database of some 6,000 people belonging to several different family lines. I use flags to differentiate those different families and that works very well indeed. If you want to find out more, I'd suggest you subscribe to the TMG email list where you can look through the archives and/or ask for elaboration from the many knowledgeable people on that list (many more than I think now use this forum). Go to https://tmg-l.groups.io/g/main Lindsay Graham, Canberra, Australia
  21. Do you not have children or plan to have any? Your children will want to know both sides of their ancestry. And, depending on where you and your wife are from, you may share ancestors, generations back. I discovered my parents were 6th and 7th cousins through their lines to early New England. If that happens, you will wind up having to enter information twice with two trees. Most responses to this question (comes up often) that I've see, discourage splitting or setting up separate trees. - Sally Houston
  22. Over the years, I've built 1 large database that includes both my family and my wife's. I have had thoughts of spliting the 2 families and wondering if there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish this. Has anybody out there ever done this with TMG v9? Is it even possible? Maybe someone out there can give some advice as to how to approach this task if possible at all. Maybe you can just tell me if I'm crazy for trying... Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  23. List of Names... Filter... Tag Type... Label Equals NAME-VAR AND # of Citations Equals 0 END ...
  24. Having trouble coming up with reports listing: Name-Var tags that are never used as a name variant with any other tag? Name-Var tags with no Citation? Name-Var is dupe of Primary Name? TIA for any help! ~Carol in New Mexico
  25. ID step & Adopted

    Thanks Terry. Works like a charm. I still have much to learn on creating filters.
  26. I have created a new Timeline for France based on Judy Jacobson's "History for Genealogists". There may be some errors in it, but the brief trials I have made show some interesting information when looking at my French ancestors. I am attaching a ZIP file of the timeline for those interested. Just download, unZip it, and place the three contained files in the TMG Timelines folder. Lee Hoffman France Timeline.zip
  27. ID step & Adopted

    Grady, This filter with a List of People report, or in the Project Explorer, seems too work: Mother-Adopted Child ID <> Does not equal 0 OR Mother-Step Child ID <> Does not equal 0 OR Father-Adopted Child ID <> Does not equal 0 OR Father-Step Child ID <> Does not equal 0 End Terry
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