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  2. Today I had 13 Journal Reports to save as .pdf files. I chose "printer," clicked "Create Report," and while "calculating text for x people" received a message "Unable to start the print job" and "TerPrint 2, Error Code 5."In every instance (13 reports!), when I tried again to print the Journal Report...I was able to do so. Very strange, IMO. In general, it didn't seem to matter how many people were included in the report, although when I tested VERY small reports, they worked. There was no problem with Descendant Indented Charts. Meanwhile, I tried all the maintenance options (although I questioned whether they were even going to be helpful) AND I rebooted my laptop. Nothing helped. Any idea what I have to do to avoid having to go through the process of saving Journal Reports as .pdf files twice? I would be happy to provide any other information that may help troubleshoot this issue...which has never happened before! Thanks in advance.
  3. TMG Downloads

    Welcome back, Simon. Some of us users, such as Jim and myself, are still monitoring this Forum and answering questions. The TMG-L email list is also still active with users helping users. If you are back to using TMG you may wish to upgrade from your Version 8 to the final released version, which is Version 9.05. It has several enhancements and fixed bugs from Version 8 which I think are valuable. You can still purchase a license to the final Version 9.05 from one on-line vendor, Harry Goegebeur, then download the installer from on-line. See the following post on this Forum for the link to his email address and details: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/15915-tmg9-final-installers-v905/
  4. TMG Downloads

    RUG has download links for the older TMG installers... http://www.rootsusers.org/install.html
  5. TMG Downloads

    Hi I've only just logged into this site after a long absence, so have only just discovered that TMG is no longer supported. Sad days indeed. My issue is I have a new PC and I had TMG8 which I would still like to download to the new PC, but I cant find anywhere to download it from. I'm not sure if these forums are still monitored, but if anyone has any help I would much appreciate it. I have my activation key, I just need to get TMG8 again on my PC. Thanks in adavnce
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  7. Cannot open TMG 9.05

  8. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    So you did have a damaged layout file. You should know which layout file you had been using. Delete that file and you can move any others back to the TMG data folder they came from.
  9. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    Thanks. Worked like a charm.
  10. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    Nothing that you did would change the damaged layout file or select a different layout file if that's the issue. Create an empty folder on your Desktop. Open this TMG data folder... "C:\Users\(your user account name)\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9" Drag all of the layout files (.lo) from the data folder to the empty folder on your Desktop. Now try to run TMG.
  11. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    I was copying my project via backup and restore from my mac computer to my laptop. while restoring, I got an error message saying the layout was no longer valid and the system locked up to where I had to force quit the app. When I tried reopening it, the screen would flash gray then nothing. I did a repair, and nothing. I deleted my old project files thinking that it would go right into restore and the same thing happened. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happens. I do this quite regularly and never had an issue before. What happened and What else can I do? Thanks.
  12. errors despite validation being done

    Great. Based on the error message, it looks like the T-table (tag type table) index needed rebuilding.
  13. errors despite validation being done

    Jim, that worked. I was able to add a birth tag and had no other errors.
  14. errors despite validation being done

    You appear to be able to run TMG and open the project. If that's the case, under the Maintenance menu, run reindex. Then run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize. Then try to do what gave you the errors and report back on the results.
  15. Trying to add tags, birth. Getting errors: record is out of range 16 frmevents.mgeteventtype. index does not match the table.delete the index file and re-create the index 20FRMEVENTS.MGETEVENTTYPE Project will save and I have opened it in another drive, but still getting the same errors.
  16. Support to UK Versions of TMG

    Regarding the UK edition... There is only one TMG program. The only difference with the UK edition is that some UK customizations are added the first time that the program is run after installation. Regarding Windows 10... Basically, TMG 8.08 and 9.05 run just fine under Windows 10. Something around the edge is lost or a bit different with each new operating system version but the TMG program itself continues to work. Examples of issues as the operating system evolves have been the unlock issue and the version of the PDF driver used by TMG doesn't work under Windows 10. We're also seeing more frequent cases of external applications interfering with TMG. Regarding the UK forum... The subtitle for this forum is: "Questions that are specific to UK Edition customisations." Questions that are not about UK customizations should go under the appropriate TMG version forum.
  17. Support to UK Versions of TMG

    You can still buy a license (unlock code) for TMG 9 from Harry Goegebeur. You can download and install the UK edition. See the pinned article in the TMG 9 section of this forum. An unlock code is only valid for the version (full number) of TMG it was issued for, and has no other value. So your v8 code is good if you want to stay with v8, otherwise you need to buy a new one for v9. You can find user-to-user support here and on the TMG list on Rootsweb. This forum is supported financially by Bob Velke, the developer of TMG, and I expect it will continue as long as he does that. The support is provided by users, just as with the TMG List on Rootsweb.
  18. I have been using TMG since 2005. I now use Gold UK Edition v 8.08.0000 This Web Site has been a life-saver in the past (for instance sorting a problem with constant request for unlock key after installation on a Windows 10 Computer). But I am a total computer software amateur (trying to improve as I have now retired). I missed the opportunity to upgrade to Version 9. As I understand it, there is no longer A) support, and licences to upgrade. Is there anyone out there who could briefly summarise: The differences between UK and other TMG versions. The Versions that remain useable on Windows 10. The way lock codes etc work with respect to use and licences ( for example I have versions V 6, V 7, and V8 hard and soft copies and various "unlock" codes obtained over the years since 2005, but I really do not understand if any of this is useful to me or anyone else), The best place to get support and/or advice (other than this site, noting there is pretty much nothing recent on the Version 8 "bulletin board" (is that the correct term ?)). And who are the kind generous people (with their time and energy) that keep this site operating. Will it continue ? regards NickSlatt
  19. Thank you very much for the help.
  20. Tag Type list hidden

    You're welcome, Gloria. I don't how understand either, but that issue does appear from time to time.
  21. Tag Type list hidden

    Thank you. Don't know how I did that but appreciate the help. Got it back.
  22. Tag Type list hidden

    Gloria, You mean the list of all Tags for that person, right? The window is there but it's empty? If that's the case you probably see a red "Filtered" at the top right. If so, right-click anywhere in the empty window and on the menu that appears about half way down you will see the "Filter for..." Choose that item, and click on whichever item has a check mark.
  23. Tag Type list hidden

    Some how I have lost my alpha tag type listing. It no longer is in the view even in person tab. How do I get it back.
  24. There is no limit to the number of tags for an individual so your concept is valid.
  25. Is there a maximum number of tags allowed per individual? I have greated a psuedo-individual to use for a family group study. This psuedo-individual will be assigned as a witness to most of the tags for each person in the family group. This is where a maximum number of tags allowed may torpedo my family study. For the psuedo person I will then print an individual detail report which will show all family members' tags in chronological order. This is an effort to facilitate a "cluster study" of the family. Thank you.
  26. Good Morning Jim!

    Having the Input file read failure notice on windows 10 machine. tried turning off security features on computer and removing onedrive app. no luck. can you point me to your previous posts about what other measures to try?



    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram


      Search the message board for "input file read failure".



  27. Problems Producing Reports

    You're using the UK place style for your places, right? In a list report, you need to select the correct place levels (irrespective of how the levels are labelled in the style) in order to get the output you want. Since list reports know nothing about place styles, you select the correct level based on the default U.S. style labels.
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