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  2. Events default to wrong source

    Yes, a couple of times. It seems like the source #867 has been substituted for source #1550, which in my case is Web:Ancestry.com. I've tried to see how this could spontaneously happen with out my knowledge, but nothing comes to mind.
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  4. I can't think of an easy way to do this. However, you can produce a Columnar type of the List of Sources report which could help using a Filter of: Second Person- Other // Is Not Empty // END Output the Source "Abbrev" and "Source Number" and you should be able to work your way through these sources. I can think of two ways to do this. A- Define a new equivalent but alternate Source Type for each current Source Type which uses "Second Person", where the "old" Type has templates which include the "Second Person" element, and the "new" Type instead has templates which use the "Record Type" element. Then change the Source Type of all the affected Sources and cut/paste the data from the now unused Second Person element to the Record Type element. You will know which Source Type uses a given element in its templates by the style of the name of that element on the General Tab. A name enclosed in <conditional brackets> means its only uses are <conditional> .An Initial uppercase letter means the element is Required in at least one Pattern sentence and therefore “something” will print for this element. If the element name is all lowercase letters, this element is not defined or used in any Pattern or output sentence for this defined source or source type so anything you enter is not defined to be output anywhere. Once you change the Type it will be easy to see which name needs its data cut/paste. B- This way is probably more prone to error but... Modify all the Source Types which currently use the "Second Person" element to add the new "Record Type" element in the same place in the templates, making sure both elements are conditional. Now for of all the affected Sources cut/paste the data from the Second Person element to the Record Type element. Hope this gives you ideas,
  5. Master Style List for U. K.

    Glad the comments could give you ideas, I also think your decision will make your life easier.
  6. Events default to wrong source

    Have you run the maintenance routines?
  7. All of a sudden, 657 events have defaulted to one source. For example, a 1850 census for John Stilwell, gives the source as #864, the Kenney-Gates marriage. Thankfully, the citation detail remains correct. Source #864 was created fairly recently, yet the events are some I entered years ago. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Even if I went through all 657 events and managed to correct them, how could I make sure this doesn't happen again? Help!
  8. Thanks Michael. After carefully reading all of the comments, I think the best thing is to use the U. S. Standard Style. I think that will make my life easier. Tom
  9. Way back I used the "Second Person" element/group for an itemtype element. Now thinking through my go-over of TMG sources, I would prefer the ItemType element was an alias/ingroupof RecordType which I have since cleared from use as SecondPerson is a name element. Is there a way to change all SecondPerson (aka my ItemType) element to a RecordType? Actually more generically is there a way in TMG or TMG Utilities to transfer content already in Sources from one element/group to another element/group? Thanks for ideas. I have tried some simple things but I have a feeling that the only way to make this change inside TMG is to make the new element and then copy/paste the data in each and every relevant source from the old element to the new preferred one.
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  11. Missing "Primary" check box for exhibit photo

    Yes, the same photo can be linked to people, sources, event tags, repositories, citations and place records, but you must do link each separately. This is one of the best reasons to link the exhibits as "external" exhibits. That way the photo is only stored once, but there can now be several different events or people, etc. linked to that same one photo. Glad this helped you,
  12. I had been adding photos to be associated with various event tags for a person. Then when I opened the Exhibit Log itself and saw all the photos, I thought I could choose one to be Primary. I didn't realize that you have to add the Primary exhibit from the Exhibit Log itself. I had noticed that if I entered the same photo as a link to more than one tag for a person, that photo would appear multiple times in the Exhibit Log, so I assumed that after entering a wedding photo that I had linked to a Marriage tag, I shouldn't enter the same photo again directly from the Exhibit Log because I thought I was doing something wrong if I had the same Exhibit shown multiple times in the Exhibit Log. I took your advice and entered the photo I want to be Primary directly from the Exhibit Log, and that solved the problem. The same photo is in the Log twice because I had previously linked it to an event tag, but I understand now that's OK. Thank you for your fast reply! You just saved me from a lot more unsuccessful trial and error.
  13. Missing "Primary" check box for exhibit photo

    How are you adding the exhibit? Exhibits can be linked to people, sources, event tags, repositories, citations and place records. If you are clicking on the Exhibit icon on the window for editing a source, event, repository, citation or place, the exhibit will be attached to that entity. To link an exhibit to a person you should be viewing that person''s details and open the Exhibit Log itself either from the Tools menu or a toolbar button, then click on its Add button. That will link the exhibit to the person and allow one of multiple exhibits linked to the person to be Primary for that person. Also if your Layout includes the Image subwindow, double clicking on that subwindow will open the Exhibit Log itself for you to now Add a Person exhibit. Hope this helps,
  14. When I add a photo exhibit, there's no check box in the Properties window for that exhibit, so there's no way to make that photo appear as the primary image for that person. I have tried deleting that exhibit and adding it again, but still no check box. How can this be fixed?
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  16. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    Yes, "skepticism" is the appropriate word. I have heard of some cloud-based virtual desktops operating as follows: Create a temp space for the program and data files. Do real time automatic cloud backup of the temp data files while the program is running. If that is the implementation, then the well-known issue of automatic backup could arise.
  17. Edit function

    Dear Jim, Thank you so much for your instructions. I apologize for my delayed reply. Something came up and kept me from my computer, but I'm always grateful for your help. Best, Doris
  18. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    If the virtual desktop worked by remoting the display, keyboard, and mouse, that would probably work. Of course, any non-standard use of TMG should be tested before relying on it to work. Any backup program that accesses TMG project files while TMG is running may interfere with the proper operation of TMG and may create copies of the project files where those files are not valid when taken as a whole. That's why it's a bad idea to use a backup program that is active when TMG is running. (Excepting, of course, TMG's Backup feature.) The two technical issues are shared access to the project files and the timing of making backup copies. Regarding the latter, if a program copies file "A" at moment 1 and copies file "B" at moment 2, the copy of "B" may no longer be in sync with the copy of "A" because of a data update between moment 1 and moment 2. Those issues may or may not arise with a virtual desktop, but I suspect they aren't likely. There may be other issues, however, so I understand your skepticism.
  19. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    If the virtual desktop in running on the user's own desktop then it would not have the problems warned about as shown by TMG's successful operation with Parallels. But if the virtual desktop is running on some external cloud computer, I would definitely worry that it might have the same problems we have seen before, depending upon the implementation of the interaction with the external cloud. It "may" work, but I wouldn't trust it.
  20. Edit function

    I have no idea what you are trying to do or the context. To add a .PDF file as an exhibit... Make sure that the PDF file is in the folder selected by the Exhibits path in Preferences. Open the Exhibit Log from any of the appropriate contexts (person, event, source, reporitory). Right-click into the exhibit log and select 'Add new exhibit (other)'. Select the .PDF file from the 'Insert new exhibit' dialog and click [Open]. That's it. Keep in mind that PDF exhibits will not output in reports.
  21. Edit function

    For as long as I can remember, the Edit function page has most items grayed out, including Insert Object. I was always able to ignore it as just an annoyance and could find a workaround. However, I'm now trying to insert a PDF as an exhibit and can't figure out how to do it. Can someone please help? Thank you. Doris UPDATE: I figured out how to right click and get an OLE box, but what do I put into it. It won't accept a paste or a path to the file. Help???
  22. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    Michael, I assume that Helge was asking about using a Windows virtual desktop to run TMG. If so, I don't think that would be subject to the issues with cloud-based backup programs. There may be other issues depending on exactly how the virtual desktop is implemented.
  23. Export Error 290

    I have successfully exported numerous focus groups, but just today I received the error message: "Invalid Path or file name. 290 Exportgedcom". I am given the options to Abort, Retry or Ignore. If I select Abort, the program hangs and I have to close it through Task Manager. I haven't altered any settings from before. Suggestions please. SOLVED: I had included quotation marks in the file name...... " - ". Should have realised!! I'll leave this in case someone else has the same "problem".
  24. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    Oh, ok. Thanks you for the explanation.
  25. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    No, sorry I was so brief, but you misunderstood. I meant that, yes, one should expect the same problems mentioned, and I would not recommend it.
  26. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    I take this to mean you are using TMG from a Cloud VDI and it will work. Thank you for your help.
  27. Combining chart files

    Robin: One question i'll probable have tomorrow is how to make a PDF pseudo printer and make it the default?
  28. Combining chart files

    Thanks for the detail instructions, Robin....I'll work on it tomorrow afternoon (busy in morning) and see if I can get it to work or have additional questions.
  29. Combining chart files

    I'm not sure what outcome yo'ure after. Is it to print all charts on the one page, or combine them into a single file with multiple pages? A way of achieving either is to cut and paste each chart into a Word document. You can then arrange them either as multiple graphics on a single page, or each on its own page. Hope this helps
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