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  2. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    I haven't removed One Drive. I just turned it off. From the Start Menu, run One Drive. Do not sign in. Close the window with the [X] button. In the task tray, click One Drive. Click More... and select Settings. On the Settings tab, clear the check boxes. Then click [OK]. In the task tray, right-click One Drive and click [Close One Drive]. Confirm this in the prompt. It should now be disabled. After some Windows Updates, the One Drive icon might reappear in the task tray. Just right-click on it and close it. %%%%%%%%%% btw... One Drive is in Programs and Features so it could be uninstalled. I would also think that it will be added back when Win10 is updated. Disabling it as I described does the job.
  3. Variable "RULESET" is not found

    You've done it by setting the source categories to Custom. Are things working correctly now?
  4. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    I don't need or want OneDrive and am open to completely removing it from my computer as you have done. The problem is I don't know how to do that.
  5. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    The link you supplied talks about Unlinking OneDrive or Hiding or Unistalling OneDrive. Which options should I select?
  6. Variable "RULESET" is not found

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the prompt reply. I went to File/Preferences/Current Project Options/Other and found Source Categories set to Lackey. I changed that setting to Custom. However I do not understand where to set SourceRule=3. I do not see any such option in the Advanced section. Can you enlighten me? Ron
  7. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    John, I completely agree with Jim. I believe random crashes have always been found to be other programs working in the background randomly accessing some of the many files used by TMG while TMG is running. As Jim noted, this is not a TMG issue, it is bad design of the program "messing" with TMG's files. There have been repeated reports of allowing OneDrive to have anything to do with TMG files causing problems. Some people like to have OneDrive back up their files onto Microsoft's cloud. In that case, first configure OneDrive to have nothing to do with all of TMG's files and folders. Then manually do a TMG backup and copy/move that TMG SQZ file to a folder monitored by OneDrive so it now will copy that file to Microsoft's cloud. Others, like myself, have completely removed OneDrive from our computers so none of our files reside on Microsoft's cloud, and do our own separate backups. For suggestions on various options to disable or remove OneDrive you might start with this Microsoft support page: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/turn-off-disable-or-uninstall-onedrive-f32a17ce-3336-40fe-9c38-6efb09f944b0 Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  8. Out to GED file

    Glad you recalled my directions to: "Select All" the people now in this Focus Group, uncheck Ancestors, and Check Descendants BUT set the number to only ONE... The Focus Group actions of Add Descendants, Ancestors, and Spouses only work on the selected people in the current Focus Group. That is the key. You are most welcome, Paul, glad to hear you got what you wanted. Michael
  9. Variable "RULESET" is not found

    Check File / Preferences / Current Project Settings / Other and make sure that Source Categories is set. 'RULESET' refers to which source categories is being used by the project (Custom, Mills or Lackey). Very rarely, the setting is blank or missing (likely because the .PJC file for that project is damaged). It should almost surely be set to 'Custom'. The .PJC file should have this setting in the [Advanced] section. SourceRule=3 (3 is custom) There might be spaces around the '='. Those are of no consequence.
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  11. I am attempting (for the first time) to create a dataset. I filter the Project Explorer by selecting all persons with flag OneName = Y Then I copy all Project Explorer to Focus Group. Focus Group contains the 2706 people I expected. Under data set Manager I set up a new data set called OneNameDS. I selected all the options presented. Ran the procedure and everything seemed to go right. I now have an empty data set. When I try to Move Persons from the Focus Group to the data set, it runs for a few moments but then stops with the Error Message Variable "RULESET" is not found 1248 Move Person 2. Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong with the programme? More importantly, how do I fix it? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    This is some sort of system-level issue, not a TMG issue. Your system user folders have been redirected to One Drive. If you can't figure out how to undo this, my only suggestion is to disable One Drive. You still haven't responded as to whether the johnt user account is intentional or not. Win10, by default, takes your user name and reduces it to 5 characters by some sort of algorithm. The 'johnt' account would be a typical result.
  13. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    Jim: OK. I Uninstalled TMG9 and deleted all TMG9 folders on my computer. Then I reinstalled TMG9 in Administrator mode and unlocked it. The installer puts the TMG files in the One Drive folder and does not give me an option to put them somewhere else. I then moved the two folders, one in johnt\AppData\Roaming and one in johnt\One Drive\Documents to the equivalent location under user John Tippet. I then edited the File\Preferences\Program Options\General\ and File\Preferences\Current Project Options\Advanced\ settings in TMG9 to the new location under user John Tippet. When I open the Sample Project TMG9 still crashes. Plus the TMG9 folders reappear in johnt\AppData\Roaming and johnt\One Drive\Documents whenever I run TMG9, even after I have deleted them. I am desperate to fix this problem. Please help. John
  14. Out to GED file

    The method that worked for me was this. I added myself to the focus group. Then I added my ancestors. Then I tried to add descendants but nothing happened. Zip. Then I thought okay what if I select all of the focus group individuals first and then add 1 descendants... and that worked perfectly. So that worked. Thanks guys. I wouldn't have figured it out without you. Paul
  15. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    Your projects should never be located in the OneDrive folder or any folder (DropBox, etc.) that is being synced or backed up real-time. Syncing works fine for single files but a TMG project is a collection of files. If any single project file gets out of sync with the set, the project is effectively destroyed. This does not have to do with TMG working correctly but has to do with project integrity.
  16. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    Note: One Drive is a cloud storage service offered by MIcrosoft. Is this part of the problem?
  17. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    Jim: For comparison, on my old Windows 7 computer on which TMG9 is working, there is only one user: John The TMG9 files are in: C:\Users\John\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\ C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9\ In TMG9 under File\Preferences\Program Options\General\ and File\Preferences\Current Project Options\Advanced\ all paths are the same as above. Note that on my new Windows 10 computer, the folder C:\Users\johnt\One Drive\Documents\ is the main "Documents" folder that contains all my documents, not just the TMG9 project files, reports, etc. John
  18. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    Jim: I decided to start anew with a clean sheet of paper. I am logged into user account John Tippet I deleted The Master Genealogist v9 folders in C:\Users\John Tippet\Documents\ and in C:\Users\johnt\One Drive\Documents\ I reinstalled TMG9 as administrator and unlocked the program. After the above operation, I find The Master Genealogist v9 folder in C:\Users\johnt\One Drive\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9 (the project data files). I also find The Master Genealogist v9 folder in C:\Users\johnt\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9 (the program files) I open TMG9 and select the Sample Project. The program crashes. I tried to open TMG9 again and this time the program didn't crash immediately. I checked the File\Preferences\Program Options\General and File\Preferences\Current Project Options\Advanced tabs and all show the file locations as C:\Users\johnt\One Drive\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\... TMG9 then crashes. I am at a loss as to what to do next. John
  19. Out to GED file

    Okay I was thinking of doing it the second way with a list of people and 1 descendant. Here is the situation. When I started my genealogy research some 40 years ago I had a plan in mind. The plan went south but... so I have a database of 66,000 names. Those names are basically all Acadian records from the archives and parish records of the southern part of the province in New Brunswick, Canada. So far so good. My genealogy is within it. Also so far so good. I have noble families. Not so good because they go way way back. So I tried the first way with the project explorer but I found that even selecting all of them didn't get them all. The reason was I had to open each of the collapsed families to select them. Otherwise the main families were selected but not the children. No way I was going to open up 3000 individuals and click each one... yup... you heard it right. So I was playing around with a whole bunch of different things and then I crashed the database. I restored it from backup. I lost a bit of stuff but basically everything is okay. So I was kind of leery about trying that again. Weird stuff kept happening until I simply gave up and restored the backup. Now the first thing I tried was what Doris said. I did a list of people and ran the GED from that. I did a simple list of people who were ancestors of mine. But it didn't get the children of the families I wanted. I couldn't figure that part out. Then I tried the project explorer and select all of them but that didn't work either and I crashed the database somehow. Tomorrow I will give the Focus group a try. And let you know how I make out. I thought of the 1 descendant option a day ago but didn't think it could be that simple so I didn't try it. Paul
  20. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    You can use the File / Validate File Integrity / external exhibits feature to re-link the exhibits (assuming that each external exhibit has a unique filename).
  21. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    > When I select Switch User from the Windows Start Menu, there are two options: John Tippet and John Why? Are both accounts intentional? > I just noticed that there is a The Master Genealogist v9 folder at C:\Users\johnt\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9 in addition to the one in C:\Users\John Tippet\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9 > Is this the source of the problem? Should I just delete this folder? Sure, if it shouldn't exist. Did you fix the paths in the app.ini in the John Tippet account? Jim
  22. I have over the years put exhibits into the person view as external links... Then call me crazy I resorted my folders on the computer and now all exhibits are frowny faces... I know I can delete one at a time, but is there a faster way? Over 6000...
  23. Out to GED file

    Another option, Paul, is to create a Focus Group of the desired people, since once you select a set of people you can add ancestors or descendants as desired. If I understand what you want, I would start with a Focus Group of only the one person and select (click on) them. Now check only Ancestors and set the Generations number high (e.g. 250) and Add them. That gets all the person's ancestors. Next "Select All" the people now in this Focus Group, uncheck Ancestors, and Check Descendants BUT set the number to only ONE so you only get the children of all these ancestors (including the children of the person). After you Add those children you may wish to "Select All" the people now in this Focus Group, uncheck Descendants, and check Spouses to get all these people's spouses. You could "Save" this Focus Group to some name, or simply do the Export now and in "Step 4 Export what people" choose "People in the Focus Group" Hope this gives you ideas,
  24. Out to GED file

    Hi Paul, I do this a lot. For me, the easiest way is to create a new Project using the List of People report, then running a Gedcom from that. Doris
  25. Out to GED file

    I need to output a GED file of a family including all the children for each ancestor. But I cannot figure out how to do that easily. Is there a way to do that? In other words I want to output a piece of the database for one person's ancestry but including all his children, and all his ancestor's complete family including their children. I haven't figure out a way to do that yet. Paul
  26. Several weeks ago I had an problem where the tag for birth changed to baptism. And I changed it back to birth in the master list. However now the reports are using baptised instead of births in the reports. I have no clue why the original problem started but now I need to get this fixed as I have a huge project on the go. Is there a way to reset the master list of tags so that this stops happening? Paul
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