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  2. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    I can remove the exhibits from the project as I described above. I need a backup with project files, accents and filters only. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  3. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    Jim, I tried to do the new project, did not work, the program starts to load and then just goes away, no error... Both are the "I" (eye) files?
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  5. How to activate a grayed-out option

    You're welcome, Doris.
  6. Thank you so much, Terry! Either of those will work beautifully. It's so hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. Doris
  7. How to activate a grayed-out option

    Doris, I see that too, and I don't understand why it should be. Maybe a bug? Anyway, here are two alternative methods: 1. Use the Add menu instead of the Add Person Screen, and choose Child there. 2. Add a son or daughter, and then change the Sex flag of the child to "?".
  8. I'm finding a need to add a "child" rather than a son or daughter. I see this option on the Add Person Type screen, but it is grayed out. Is there a way to activate it? Doris Wheeler
  9. Can not edit tag

    That's fine. I need to know which tag type.
  10. Can not edit tag

    Hi Jim I have this same error again, and if you don't mind I will send the files again please. Thanks
  11. Missing Exhibits

    Hi Michael, Thanks for that heads up. I don't need OneDrive. Can you explain briefly how the interference manifests itself, just so that I might recognize it if it occurs? Art
  12. I did the clean install and no longer have that report definition error message. The paths seem to be the same as they were before, so I don't know where the bug was. Anyway, thank you for still being available for support. Patricia I think the paths are ok. I assume the program wouldn't open if the paths were not correct. And I've restarted my computer numerous times. I've done a reinstall/repair from the downloaded installer. I was going to try the "clean TMG install" next, unless you have any other suggestions. Patricia
  13. Missing Exhibits

    Art, The number one problem I have heard reported with TMG and Win10 is caused by the insistence of Microsoft to automatically include their cloud backup program OneDrive. From my personal experience it is well worth the effort to follow available on-line instructions to at least disable if not totally remove that program from your Win10 computer. If OneDrive is running at some point it WILL interfere with TMG.
  14. That's not necessarily correct. The paths used by reports are not involved in the program opening. If you have restored your TMG data from another computer the specified paths may well not exist on this computer. See my article on moving to a new computer for information about how to fix path issues like this.
  15. I think the paths are ok. I assume the program wouldn't open if the paths were not correct. And I've restarted my computer numerous times. I've done a reinstall/repair from the downloaded installer. I was going to try the "clean TMG install" next, unless you have any other suggestions. Patricia
  16. Missing Exhibits

    Thanks for that bit of info. I have other software, some very expensive, that will not run on Win10, but with your experience there with TMG it's good to know that I can at least move TMG over to the new Win10 computer that I will have to procure soon. I'm beginning to feel like a dinosaur, matching all my old dinosaur computers. Have a good day, Jim!
  17. Missing Exhibits

    TMG v9 runs fine for me under Win10. It always helps when moving to a new operating system to do a clean install of the operating system (after backing up your data). Reinstall all programs from scratch.
  18. Missing Exhibits

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the offer. Not sure that I saw your post of January 19 until now. Anyway, my problem no longer exists. I spent a bit of time on it, but can't remember now how it was fixed. There were a lot of suggestions along the way. Perhaps you did fix the thing for me back in January, and in my old age I just don't remember! At any rate, thanks for your help to everyone over the years, for what was and is the best program ever developed for genealogy. I'm taking my old Win 7 computers off line when Win 7 suport ends next January, but will contunue to use TMG on Win 7 as long as I can keep the old computers running. My wife has Win 10 and it has been nothing but problems. Art
  19. Are the paths correct in Preferences? File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced Have you tried restarting your computer?
  20. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    I would try the Validate File Integrity solution first. There is no reason to lose the links to external exhibits. If that doesn't work... 1) Create a new empty project. 2) Copy the _I.dbf and _I.fpt (that's eye) files from the new project to your desktop. 3) Rename the two files to match exactly the two equivalent files in the project containing the exhibit links that you want to remove. 4) Drag the two renamed files from your desktop to the folder with your project overwriting the existing files. 5) When you start TMG, run reindex. File / Maintenance / Reindex (You can now delete the new project that you created.)
  21. Missing Exhibits

    Does Validate File Integrity run to completion when the external exhibits feature is unselected? If so, Validate File Integrity should be able to fix the exhibit paths by using the external exhibits feature. If you have the exhibits in a tree, you need to include the path to the base folder of the exhibits tree (this path only) and click the [Search in subfolders] button to enable this.
  22. I'm trying to print a list of all people in my project, and I get the error message: "The report definition is in use by another user". I am the only user of TMG, and I am the only user of my computer. How do I fix this? Patricia patj2@comcast.net
  23. Missing Exhibits

    Jim, can you tell me how to edit the exhibit table? I , crazy beginner years ago, put thousands of exhibits into my work. Now after changing folders they are all missing and I really don't want to "reconnect" them. I just want them gone. I tried the Validate File Integrity, the program just hangs...
  24. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    Surely there is an SQL file or something to just "bulk delete" the entries?
  25. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    I guess I am relegated to using two computers, one with Windows 7 for running TMG, and one with Windows 10 for everything else. This is the pits, but I see no alternative, unless someone on this forum can offer a solution to my problem.
  26. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    That will happen periodically. Just make sure that it's set to not run on system start, And exit from it when it appears in the task tray.
  27. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    P.S. I just noticed that the Onedrive icon has reappeared in the lower right hand corner of the task bar but with a line through it indicating I am not signed in. As hard as I try I can't seem to get rid of this #%*&+ application.
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