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  2. Thanks, Terry. I like your [SF GIVEN NAME] and have added it to my custom Source Elements and have had occasion to use it twice.
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  4. TMG to the Bitter End

    I have been using TMG for many, many years - don't know what version I started with. I can't seem to find another genealogy program that will import the data in the fashion I have entered it into TMG. For instance, I use the NOTE tag type to input miscellaneous information about a person that doesn't fall under any other tag. Some individuals have many NOTE tags. A couple years ago I was told to try Family Historian, but it didn't work out. I actually posted a message on their forum asking about that exact problem and was told it couldn't handle it. I then posted another topic asking why TMG users converted to FH, hoping to find some wisdom, and the responses got so whacky (they got into the pros and cons of TMG vs. FH) that the moderator took the topic down! I've tried Rootsmagic in the past (my wife uses it) but I didn't really like how it was laid out. I don't have a backup site - on a weekly basis I copy all the files onto a flash drive and store that away in case I need to restore all I have done (I have over 29,000 individuals in my files).
  5. Can TMG create a descendant chart that only has the male lines shown? Without going through the process of picking every one and adding to a Focus Group? If I have to do that it's not worth it the time and energy to do so.
  6. Tom, I use a custom "Government Record - All Purpose" Source Type with the following Templates: Full Footnote: [SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]><, [FILE NUMBER]><, [FILE DATE]>, [TITLE]<, [FILM]><, [REPOSITORY]><, [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]><, [COMMENTS]><, [CD]> Short Footnote: <[SF GIVEN NAME] >[SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [TITLE]<, [CD]> Bibliography: [SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [TITLE].< [FILM].>< [REPOSITORY].>< [REPOSITORY ADDRESS].> Note that the Source Element [SF GIVEN NAME] is a custom Source Element that repeats the given name, which is otherwise omitted in the short footnote. It's needed because I may find the same kind of record for several members of the same family with the same surname. Since this is a "splitter" type source with one Source defined for each application, no entry is required in the Citation other than any notes about how the record supports (or doesn't) the entry in the Tag.
  7. Have recently come across a few of the above applications related to deceased uncles. Suggestions would be appreciated as to wording for sources, citations, etc. Thanks. Tom
  8. Works fine for me (and has always worked fine). Windows 10 21H1 19043.1023
  9. I have Windows 10 Pro 64bit and a Windows 7 Pro 64bit computers with TMG 9.05 gold edition loaded on both. The Windows 7 unit will allow me to drag and drop exhibits from file explorer but the windows 10 unit will not. Is there a parameter I am missing? My older Windows 8.1 Pro unit had the same problem. I use all external exhibits. I use two monitors most of the time on both units.
  10. backup error message

    Great. That suggests that some component was missing or not working correctly and the clean install fixed it.
  11. backup error message

    Jim, I just want to say Thank you. I was looking at the posts and saw one from 2014 titled final installer. It was for version 9.05 and you had written instructions for a clean install. Since I was using 9.04 I decided to download 9.05 and follow your instructions for a clean install. So far I have not gotten any of the error messages I was getting, TMG has backed up successfully and I have a Last Backup log. It may not last but for now it's working. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
  12. Children in Tag Box

    'Show children' is a display option for the Tag Box as opposed to being a filter selection. That's why the 'filtered' indicator didn't show.
  13. Children in Tag Box

    Thanks for letting me know, Muriel. That's one I've not seen before.
  14. Children in Tag Box

    Thanks, Terry, but I see no "Filtered"- red or otherwise. Oops- I just right clicked on a tag and a drop-down appeared containing "show children." A click on that restored the children! Hooray! I guess when things don't go right I need to be braver, but honestly, I'm too timid to do so! Thanks again, Muriel
  15. Children in Tag Box

    Muriel, I suspect you can also see a red Filtered at the top left of the Tag Box. If so, right-click on any Tag in the Tag Box, and about half way down click on the line Filter For... In the sub-menu that appears, click on the line that has the check mark in front of it.
  16. Up until a few days ago sons and/or daughters, when added to a parent's Person View always appeared, chronologically in the parents' tag boxes, as well as in the Children's window. Now they are only appearing in the Children's window.. I'm not conscious of doing anything to make this happen. How do I get them back to appearing in both places? Thank you- Muriel Parker
  17. backup error message

    Try backing up to the default TMG backup folder and do not include anything in the backup except the project files, accents and filters.
  18. backup error message

    Jim, I followed your suggestions and I don't get any of the error messages except the input file read failure when I do a backup. any other suggestions?
  19. backup error message

    Those are all permissions issues. You don't have permission to access your own Documents folder. <g> From File Explorer, right-click on the 'The Master Genealogist v9' folder in the Documents folder. Unselect the Read-only attribute. That alone might work. Also try this... Run TMG as administrator and try a backup. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator.' Respond to the UAC prompt affirmatively. Open your project and try a backup.
  20. backup error message

    Thanks Jim. I reset my backup to the default backup folder on my main disk drive and tried again. It got all the way to the end and the same message appeared. Over the last 2 weeks I have gotten several error messages but I think they have resolved themselves. I have attached those error messages in case they are related.
  21. backup error message

    The usual solution is to backup to your main disk drive and to the default backup folder. The ancient .ZIP library is very fussy about where it will write the backup. You can always copy the backup, after making it, to another folder or drive if necessary. You should never back up directly to any folder used by a syncing utility such as One Drive or Dropbox or to a network location. It's also possible that some external application (anti-virus, anti-malware, syncing, backup) is interfering with the backup process. It is possible that this issue can't be resolved. That's very rare but has happened for a user or two. You can always make a manual backup by making a ZIP archive of the 48 project files (29 .DBF files, 1 .PJC file and 18 .FPT files) and naming it appropriately. That archive would also need to be restored manually by unzipping it into the folder where that project is stored.
  22. When I backup my data I get an error message about an input file read failure. I've attached a screenshot of the message. When I click on OK it tells me the backup file is complete and to check the lastbackup.log for missing exhibits but there is NO backup file and NO last backup log. How do I correct this?
  23. Thank you so much, Jim!
  24. Paula, The person and name tables had damaged headers. I fixed those and ran the maintenance routines to clean up the project. Jim
  25. I just sent it, thank you.
  26. If the backup is too large to email, you'll need to upload the project so that I can download it. A 5Mb .ZIP file shouldn't be an issue. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
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