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  2. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. I was able to extract the focus group, and am now in the process of cleaning it up (Ancestry.com, need I say more???) before I import it to my master DB.
  3. I would suggest an alternate method, which to me produces much better results because all the data you add to your project is entered according to your standards. I would: 1. Open your regular Project as normal. 2. Open the new Project in a separate instance of TMG. The easy way to do that is to find that Project at the bottom of the File menu in TMG and select it. When asked whether you want to close your current Project say No. 3. You now have two instances of TMG open, one with each Project. Arrange the two main TMG windows so you can see the essential parts of both. 4. Navigate to a person whose data you want to transfer in the Project that contains the imported GEDCOM, and create the same person if not already there in your regular Project. Open each Tag that contains data you want to transfer in the imported Project, and use Windows Copy and Paste to transfer each data item to the corresponding Tag in your regular Project. 5. Continue until you have transferred all the data for that person, then move to a new Person and repeat. Continue until all the data you want to transfer is entered in your regular Project. You will probably want to create some method for tracking which people's data you have already transferred. You could create a custom Flag in the imported Project, and set an Accent color based on that. Reset it for each person as you finish with them so the Accent color changes. Alternately, you could create a list of the people involved with the List of People report, and either print it and cross off people as you finish with them, or send it to a word processor and mark them off there.
  4. Age at marriage

    More info - some of my birth dates are just the year. Your sentence skips the age if any date is NOT a full date - and I can see that this is 'as intended' by Bob. This is more than OK. I will set up a marriage version 2 tag with [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[DD]> <[L]><, The groom was [A1E] and the bride [A2E]><. The ceremony was witnessed by [WO]><. [M]>). This produces the following when the groom has only his YOB recorded. Robert Fields married Anna Abbs, daughter of Plane Abbs and Frances Everett, on Fri. 24 Dec 1847 in All Saints' Church, Sheringham, Norfolk, England, The groom was 23 years and the bride 21 years, 8 months and 25 days. Anna Abbs married Robert Fields, son of William Fields, on Fri. 24 Dec 1847 in All Saints' Church, Sheringham, Norfolk, England, The groom was 23 years and the bride 21 years, 8 months and 25 days. Your sentence will be the main one (ie I altered the only Marriage tag I had to your sentence, then I added version 2, which of course is not allocated to anyone). I will have a play with that once I understand why your version works and mine does not. I am thinking in the 2nd option I should ONLY state the age of the focus principal something like - Anna Abbs married Robert Fields, son of William Fields, on Fri. 24 Dec 1847 in All Saints' Church, Sheringham, Norfolk, England, when she was 21 I will gradually change some people (those who have only the year as a birth date) over to the new tag, even if it remains as is. This solution has the added benefit of varying the output, something to be valued I think. A few pedantly fully spelled out ages is a small price to pay for that variety. SHIRLEY
  5. Age at marriage

    Jim, you are correct, your sentence worked. It is early here, and I have not had my cuppa yet. I will compare what you gave me to what I had, so I can understand what I did wrong, in an hour or so. Thanks. Not all my dates are complete. I sometimes have no birth data, a date range or an about date. In which case I want that sentence part to be skipped.
  6. Age at marriage

    If I modify the second sentence to... [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[DD]> <[L]><, when they were [A] and [AO] old><. The ceremony was witnessed by [WO]><. [M]> It works fine for me. You want the age variables in the same order as the principals irrespective of who the output is for and the above accomplishes that. All of the dates are complete, right? Read help about the date requirements.
  7. Assuming that all names of interest are in a focus group and that focus group is current... 1) Use the List of People to create a new project with the secondary output under Options. The subject of the report should be 'Focus Group'. 2) Import the data set in that new project into your main project. You now have your main project with the original data set and the new data set. I would clean up the new data set before merging it into your main data set. 3) Merge the new data set into your main data set. At this point, I'd delete the new data set to keep things simple. Now you can merge any people in your main project that need merging and do whatever additional cleanup required.
  8. I received a very large (10,000) name GEDCOM file from a distant relative. It appears to be primarily an extract of numerous Ancestry.com files and trees, and as such contains a lot of what I would consider nonsense (e.g. my g/grandfather listed as a "Doctor" when he was a telegrapher, and his middle initial as "S" when his middle name was Taylor). She has added details for her family that is more reliable, and I want to include that in my files. I imported my relative's GEDCOM file to a new TMG 9.05 database, although it appears the GEDCOM version was later than 5.5, as the import threw hundreds of errors. However, the import worked, and I have families properly set up after a quick QC check. As I mentioned, I wanted to load just her families' data into my master database as a starting point for seriously fleshing out that part of the family with sources, etc. I don't use export much (if at all), so doing the export is new to me. I tried to export (GEDCOM) the key descendant, and of course only got him. I set up a focus group and exported that, and only got the key ancestor again. When I exported the focus group, I limited his ancestors to 1, and maxed out the descendants, which did not help. Given that I only want 100 or so families out of the 10,000 names she gave me, am I going about this the right way? If I am, what's going wrong with the export wherein I only get 1 person? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.
  9. Age at marriage

    I have not haunted this board for some time, but I can assure you I am a seasoned user of TMG. Could someone please assist with this conundrum with the AGE of the Principles. In a standard marriage tag I use the sentence - [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[DD]> <[L]><, when they were [A1E] and [A2E] old><. The ceremony was witnessed by [WO]><. [M]> Note there are no witnesses entered for this marriage, The Captain does not have parents entered into the DB, he only has a year of birth not his birthday, and there is no memo text. I am confident these elements are working as intended, For the Bride the output is - She married Captain Thomas Maybee on Thursday, 28 March 1850 in Melville Street Chapel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, when they were 32 years and 26 years, 9 months and 14 days old For the Groom - He married Fanny Cato, daughter of Joseph Cato and Frances (Fanny) Cox, on Thursday, 28 March 1850 in Melville Street Chapel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, when they were 32 years and 26 years, 9 months and 14 days old. I change just 2 characters in the sentence to this - [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[DD]> <[L]><, when they were [A1] and [A2] old><. The ceremony was witnessed by [WO]><. [M]> This is the new output - no ages appear at all........... Bride - Fanny Cato married Captain Thomas Maybee on Thu. 28 Mar 1850 in Melville Street Chapel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Groom - Captain Thomas Maybee married Fanny Cato, daughter of Joseph Cato and Frances (Fanny) Cox, on Thu. 28 Mar 1850 in Melville Street Chapel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The name/pronoun use is not an issue, it is working as intended. There are a couple of issues I need help with. (1) I am trying to get just the year of the age of the bride and groom. Terry tells me (http://tmg.reigelridge.com/variables.htm) [A1] and [A2] produces the age in years for First Principle and Second Principle. He also tells me [A1E] and [A2E] produces the full age in years, months, days, but may not depending upon the date of birth and marriage as entered. As you can see the latter works as he says but the former does not. If there is no alternative, I can live with the exact age in my sentence but would prefer not to. I cannot for the life of me see why this would not work. Note that if either party had less information for birth date, the age is truncated as expected. (2) I want the ages to follow the order of the names. At the moment in both options above the Groom's age is first and the Bride's is second. When I access the marriage tag I can see that the Principals change depending upon my access point, as intended. Again I can sort of live with this, by rewording my output to The groom was... and the bride was ..... I would really like to fix at least one or the other of these issues, as both together just makes the narrative too clunky. For my testing I edited my sentences by deleting just the 2 characters. input and output data are cut/paste from the actual DB. This couple is an example, all other marriage tags are the same.
  10. Hello Jim,

    Can you tell me where I might purchase a TMG v9 license? I'm a longtime user of an older TMG version that doesn't work on Win 10 (I also seem to be a diehard TMG far).

  11. Multiple Exhibit Folders

    You want _NO_ TMG data that you are working with on a cloud location. None. No exceptions unless you are really hoping for a disaster to occur. TMG is not designed to work with cloud services and, eventually, something will go wrong. You can _copy_ your backups to cloud services so that the backups are available from multiple systems. The default TMG exhibits folder is... C:\Users\(your user account name)\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits (unless you have relocated the Documents folder). (I use a different folder in Documents (Gen_Media with subfolders) since the files are linked by multiple applications.) TMG can link to exhibits located anywhere; however, they are much easier to manage if they are located in one folder or one folder tree. You kill OneDrive by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar tray (on the right) and selecting the options and turning everything off (unselecting items). If there is no OneDrive icon in the taskbar tray, then run OneDrive. After changing the OneDrive options, you can then exit OneDrive.
  12. Somehow I have ended up with several different exhibit folders. New installation of Windows 10 happened in April, and now things are being saved to OneDrive (can't figure out how to stop that, but that's a question for another day), also I have backed up TMG to my Google Drive (including the Exhibit folders) so that everything will be accessible on my laptop. Anyway, I now have exhibit folders with the following paths (and none of the folders contains ALL my exhibits): Anita Tally>Documents>The Master Genealogist v9> Exhibits (contains 226 files); This PC>Documents>The Master Genealogist v9>Exhibits (contains 292 files); c:\Users\anita\Google Drive\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits (contains 332 files); and c:\Users\anita\OneDrive\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits (contains 292 files). I'm dreaming of a way to put all the files into ONE Exhibit folder - BUT WHICH ONE? Can someone help? Thanks in advance. Anita Tally Kansas City, MO
  13. You're welcome, Tom.
  14. Thanks, Terry. I like your [SF GIVEN NAME] and have added it to my custom Source Elements and have had occasion to use it twice.
  15. TMG to the Bitter End

    I have been using TMG for many, many years - don't know what version I started with. I can't seem to find another genealogy program that will import the data in the fashion I have entered it into TMG. For instance, I use the NOTE tag type to input miscellaneous information about a person that doesn't fall under any other tag. Some individuals have many NOTE tags. A couple years ago I was told to try Family Historian, but it didn't work out. I actually posted a message on their forum asking about that exact problem and was told it couldn't handle it. I then posted another topic asking why TMG users converted to FH, hoping to find some wisdom, and the responses got so whacky (they got into the pros and cons of TMG vs. FH) that the moderator took the topic down! I've tried Rootsmagic in the past (my wife uses it) but I didn't really like how it was laid out. I don't have a backup site - on a weekly basis I copy all the files onto a flash drive and store that away in case I need to restore all I have done (I have over 29,000 individuals in my files).
  16. Can TMG create a descendant chart that only has the male lines shown? Without going through the process of picking every one and adding to a Focus Group? If I have to do that it's not worth it the time and energy to do so.
  17. Tom, I use a custom "Government Record - All Purpose" Source Type with the following Templates: Full Footnote: [SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]><, [FILE NUMBER]><, [FILE DATE]>, [TITLE]<, [FILM]><, [REPOSITORY]><, [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]><, [COMMENTS]><, [CD]> Short Footnote: <[SF GIVEN NAME] >[SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [TITLE]<, [CD]> Bibliography: [SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [TITLE].< [FILM].>< [REPOSITORY].>< [REPOSITORY ADDRESS].> Note that the Source Element [SF GIVEN NAME] is a custom Source Element that repeats the given name, which is otherwise omitted in the short footnote. It's needed because I may find the same kind of record for several members of the same family with the same surname. Since this is a "splitter" type source with one Source defined for each application, no entry is required in the Citation other than any notes about how the record supports (or doesn't) the entry in the Tag.
  18. Have recently come across a few of the above applications related to deceased uncles. Suggestions would be appreciated as to wording for sources, citations, etc. Thanks. Tom
  19. Works fine for me (and has always worked fine). Windows 10 21H1 19043.1023
  20. I have Windows 10 Pro 64bit and a Windows 7 Pro 64bit computers with TMG 9.05 gold edition loaded on both. The Windows 7 unit will allow me to drag and drop exhibits from file explorer but the windows 10 unit will not. Is there a parameter I am missing? My older Windows 8.1 Pro unit had the same problem. I use all external exhibits. I use two monitors most of the time on both units.
  21. backup error message

    Great. That suggests that some component was missing or not working correctly and the clean install fixed it.
  22. backup error message

    Jim, I just want to say Thank you. I was looking at the posts and saw one from 2014 titled final installer. It was for version 9.05 and you had written instructions for a clean install. Since I was using 9.04 I decided to download 9.05 and follow your instructions for a clean install. So far I have not gotten any of the error messages I was getting, TMG has backed up successfully and I have a Last Backup log. It may not last but for now it's working. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
  23. Children in Tag Box

    'Show children' is a display option for the Tag Box as opposed to being a filter selection. That's why the 'filtered' indicator didn't show.
  24. Children in Tag Box

    Thanks for letting me know, Muriel. That's one I've not seen before.
  25. Children in Tag Box

    Thanks, Terry, but I see no "Filtered"- red or otherwise. Oops- I just right clicked on a tag and a drop-down appeared containing "show children." A click on that restored the children! Hooray! I guess when things don't go right I need to be braver, but honestly, I'm too timid to do so! Thanks again, Muriel
  26. Children in Tag Box

    Muriel, I suspect you can also see a red Filtered at the top left of the Tag Box. If so, right-click on any Tag in the Tag Box, and about half way down click on the line Filter For... In the sub-menu that appears, click on the line that has the check mark in front of it.
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